7 Reasons to Try the Yes Surrey Bike

This summer, bike around town on four wheels instead of two.

Don’t think you’re a bike fan? What if the bike had four wheels, a shade-providing fringe and a bench for your friends?

The Yes Surrey bike is new to Calgary and we have 7 reasons why you should give it a try.

These bikes have four wheels

Yes Surrey isn’t just a kicky business name. In fact, a surrey is the proper name for a four-wheeled bike with an open, forward facing bench seat. You can impress friends by sharing this little-known fact.

You can travel with your friends

The single bench bikes can carry three people, the double bench bike can carry six people and the triple bench bike can carry nine people. You and your eight closest friends can meander down the city pathways together.

Pretend you live in a different time

The first surrey bike with a fringe on top hit the roads in 1853. When you start pedaling, you might get a sense of what it was like to live like a Victorian. Or, if you prefer musical theatre to history, pretend you’re Judy Garland (or Bing Crosby) in Oklahoma and sing “The Surrey With the Fringe on Top” while you ride through Calgary.

Don’t worry about stopping to find shade

The bike is covered, meaning as long as you’re riding a Yes Surrey, you’re riding in the shade. It’s a bonus that your hands will be free, unlike when you’re shading yourself from the bright, summer sun with your parasol.

It’s easy to use

Most bikes allow the cyclist to pedal forward and backwards. Not these bikes: they only pedal forward, meaning more time enjoying a leisurely ride and less time thinking about your spinning feet.

Anyone can join in

Not just anyone can join a Tour de France-style bike group that tours the city roads clad in spandex. But anyone can rent a Yes Surrey Bike.

(That is, if you’re over 18, have a valid credit card and are wearing shoes.)

Get around in style

Let’s be honest. No one else is getting around the city quite like this – yet. Four-wheel bikes are still rarely seen in Calgary – and, frankly, they’re rarely seen at all in Canada – so now is your chance to be a trendsetter.

Rates begin at $30 per hour for a single bench bike. Reserve a Yes Surrey bike from yessurrey.com.

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