New Platform Krooshl Maps Accessible Businesses for Calgarians

Created by Included By Design, Krooshl is an online tool that helps people with a disability, seniors, new parents and temporarily injured individuals find accessible restaurants, arts venues and more in Calgary.

An Accessibility Evaluator measures the distance between furniture in a restaurant to ensure accessible travel ways. Photograph courtesy of Krooshl.

The world is a complex place for people in need of accessible restaurants and venues, with barriers such as lack of proper entryways or necessary accommodations. Despite workplace policies and guidelines that tackle the fight for accessibility, there is still a gap between businesses and accessibility.

That’s why Krooshl was developed by Included By Design, a design firm that addresses systemic gaps in disability inclusion. The firm created and launched Krooshl in December 2021. Krooshl remedies the lack of accessibility by providing a crucial tool: a virtual community map. It lists local businesses within Calgary that meet a set of standards to ensure accessibility and a welcoming and inclusive visit.

Krooshl uses the international accessibility standards set by Universal Access to identify businesses with clear and measurable standards. These standards allow Krooshl to arm people living with disabilities, seniors, new parents and the temporarily injured with the right information regarding accessibility features.

When users select a business listed on Krooshl, they can also view a checklist of features such as accessible patios, accessible washrooms, adaptable furniture, appropriate parking, clear pathways for travel and more.

Businesses can register for Krooshl by completing the platform’s Barrier Free Appraisal or invite one of Krooshl’s accessibility evaluators to perform a barrier-free appraisal evaluation. Krooshl will then either provide additional steps for registration or an outline for improvements to become barrier-free for accessibility.

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