Tara Johnson

2008 Top 40 Under 40.

Senior operations co-ordinator and production technician
Provident Energy Ltd.

Age: 34

Tara Johnson is a firm believer in creating the life you want, no matter your background – or genetics. As the daughter of an abusive, alcoholic father and a mother who died of a cruel degenerative disease, Johnson walks a passionate talk, rising from poverty and conflict to a successful career in oil and gas, and national
recognition for her efforts in raising awareness about Huntington Disease. As a member of one of the first Canadian families to undergo predictive testing for Huntington, Johnson views her society involvement
as a responsibility, giving her all to the cause. “When I get something in my mind, nothing is halfway with me,” she says.

A senior operations co-ordinator for Provident Energy Ltd., a mid-sized oil company, Johnson worked her way up the ranks of a number of oil and gas corps in the past decade, upgrading her skills through courses as varied as organizational behaviour to land administration. Attracted by the intricacy of the process flows in production and operations, Johnson characteristically questioned the status quo when taking her current position in October 2007. She has since streamlined the administrative hub and has created more efficiencies.

Karma motivates the restless brunette, who believes those who can give, should, whether it’s money or time.
Johnson has dedicated both, being active in the Huntington Society of Canada and the Rotary Club of Calgary Olympic, and as a caregiver to her late mother and late grandmother.
Johnson’s next big goal is to be a guest of U.S. talk-show host Oprah. “I’ve always been an overachiever,” she says, from her Provident Energy office lined with maps, spreadsheets and lists. “I have to be where the action is; otherwise I get bored.”

Her next career? She aims to be a motivational speaker and author on a theme she’s truly intimate with – caregiving.


National board
member and Alberta
Huntington Society
of Canada

President, Rotary Club
of Calgary Olympic

Chapter member,
Canadian Association
of Petroleum Land


Chapter member,
Canadian Association
of Professional
Speakers (CAPS)

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