7 Best Pubs for Parents

Family-friendly locals if you fancy a pint but have little ones in tow.

The Palomino Smokehouse has kid-friendly foods like roasted corn wrapped in bacon.

Going for an afternoon pint with a group of pals is something you take for granted in those footloose and fancy-free days before you have kids. But you don’t have to forfeit this simple pleasure when you become a parent. The AGLC’s Class A Minors Allowed license lets businesses operate as a pub-style establishment without putting up a “No Kids Allowed” sign.

Just remember to respect your fellow pint-sipping patrons if you bring your kids to the pub – this isn’t the McDonald’s PlayPlace. Keep your stroller or carrying contraption out of the way of the serving staff and bring along appropriate toys or electronic devices to keep the kids occupied while you pull on that pint and enjoy conversation that doesn’t revolve around the cast of Thomas and Friends.

Here are some great places in the city for parents in search of a pub scene:

Broken City

Kids are allowed at this Beltline bar until 9 p.m., which is awesome for families who want to enjoy the evening sun on the rooftop patio together. Broken City also hosts occasional all-ages gigs on weekend afternoons. Check the site for details.

(613 11 Ave. S.W., 403-262-9976, brokencity.ca)

Kensington Pub

When you step into this longtime Kensington landmark you’d swear you were in an English country pub, where it’s perfectly normal to see kids milling about. Same goes for this neighbourhood local known affectionately as the KP.

(207 10A St. N.W., 403-270-4505, kensingtonpub.com)

Local 510

A 17th Avenue S.W. hotspot, Local 510 is also cool with parents bringing in the kidlets to hang with them on the L-shaped patio or inside the cabin-inspired room. Ditto for sister pub Local 002 on Richard Way S.W.

(510 17 Ave. S.W., 403-229-4036, localtavern.ca)

Oak Tree Tavern

This second-floor room in Kensington prides itself on being a family-friendly place. There’s a homey vibe in the main pub space and a great south-facing deck for when the weather is warm.

(124-B 10 St. N.W., 403-270-3347, oaktreetavern.com)

Palomino Smokehouse

You don’t have to leave the kids at home when you’re in the mood to meet some friends and hang out at a downtown beer-and-barbecue joint. The menu here includes kid-friendly fare like grilled corn-on-the-cobs wrapped in bacon and the courtyard patio in the back is a great place to settle in on warm summer evenings.

(109 7 Ave. S.W., 403-532-1911, thepalomino.ca)

Red’s In Ramsay

Definitely a diner, and not a pub, but Red’s in Ramsay is licensed, which means you can hang out on the patio and have a couple beers or a caesar while the kids work through an ice cream float.

(1101 8 St. S.E., 587-353-1188, redsdiner.com)

The Ship and Anchor

Having been around for more than two decades, the Ship has reached official “institution” status in Calgary, and the loyal regulars aren’t the type to stop going there just because they’ve gone on to get married and have a couple of kids. The Saturday afternoon Ship Jams tend to be family affairs, with babies, toddlers and other munchkins mingling among the hangover-nursing rock ‘n’ roll crowd, at least until 5 p.m., when the little ‘uns get eighty-sixed.

(534 17 Ave. S.W., 403-245-3333, shipandanchor.com)

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