Best New Stampede Midway Foods

In a sea of deep-fried curiosities, a panel of judges determined fresh and crunchy goodness tastes best

Wrap Daddy’s Thai noodle wraps.

Every year, there’s a big buzz about what’s new to eat on the Midway and what the strangest thing is that someone has decided to deep fry (think butter, Kool-Aid, Cheesies). This year, there are 32 new dishes being offered at the Stampede and while it’s fun to look at and even try these curiosities, some of us would actually like to eat something made with decent quality ingredients that tastes great and doesn’t evoke massive guilt and stomach pains.

But how to know what’s worth eating and what you should pass on? Every year the Stampede convenes a panel of judges to do the heavy caloric lifting and name their favourite. This year the panel included judges Mookie, KISS radio; Ryan “Mr. Fabulous,” blogger; Dan Clapson, food blogger; Mary Kapusta, pr for the National Music Centre; and Candice Ward, Metro news.

The group determined that, based on its level of innovation and taste, the winner of the best new midway food for 2014 is Wrap Daddy’s Thai noodle wraps. Choose from chicken, beef or veggie, sauted with a combo of fresh veggies and Thai-style steamed noodles and finished with crunchy bean sprouts, cilantro and a sweet and savoury Thai sauce. Look for the food truck located near the Big Four Building.

By Dan Clapson

Papri Tots from the Naaco Truck.

In second place is the Naaco Truck, with its new dish called Papri Tots, which are basically Tater Tots topped with cucumber, cheese, sour cream and other tasty things.

In third place is Jamaican Mi Juicy, a Vancouver-based food truck offering spicy dry-rubbed jerk chicken with traditional Jamacian-style rice and tossed salad.

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