Posto Pizzeria and Bar | Calgary’s 25 Best Restaurants 2018

Posto’s casual atmosphere is the perfect setting to enjoy a creatively-topped pizza or a few Italian small plates.

Posto chef Benjamin Mills cutting pizza.
Posto chef Benjamin Mills cutting pizza. Photograph by Jared Sych.


FOOD | Pizza and Italian small plates.

VIBE | Neighbourhood Italian.
DECOR | Rustic modern.
DISH | Pizza with potato, crme frache, leek and smoked pancetta.
TIP | Posto sells its chili oil and finishing salt to-go for your homemade pizzas.


Bonterra is a longstanding favourite special occasion restaurant for many Calgarians, but sometimes something more casual is in order, which is where Posto shines. The restaurants share a wall, a chef (Benjamin Mills) and a general food philosophy (fresh contemporary Italian fare), but little sister Posto is more suited for a quick weeknight indulgence.

While Posto’s small-plate menu is surprisingly extensive, the pizzas really are the main attraction. The dough is thin yet pillowy, the toppings are generous without being excessive and the crust is never weighed down with gloppy sauce. While there are familiar toppings like prosciutto, salami and fior di latte on offer, the restaurant also invites pizza lovers to try something new, with potato, almond pesto and figs all appearing on various pies. The trick is to trust the kitchen: even if the toppings seem odd, every combo on Posto’s menu works beautifully.

If that isn’t enough, Posto’s collection of cured meats and cheeses and small plates of pasta, meatballs or Humboldt squid can turn a simple pizza night into a special meal. To top it off, Posto has a keen eye for the happy-hour crowd, with early and late-night deals on beer and wine for budget-conscious diners.

1014 8 St. S.W., 403-263-4876,


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