Earthware is Calgary’s First Return-for-Reuse Takeout Container Program

The free membership program provides unlimited uses of reusable takeout containers from more than 20 participating Calgary restaurants and counting.

Photograph by Earthware Reusable Containers

According to Earthware, over 68 million plastic and compostable takeout containers are added to Calgary’s landfills each year. That’s why Calgary entrepreneur John MacInnes has launched the first return-for-reuse takeout container program for Calgarians and local restaurants to reduce landfill waste.

The free membership program offers unlimited uses of return-for-reuse containers from more than 20 participating restaurants and counting, including Bonterra Trattoria, The Nash and Klein/Harris. After becoming a member, order by phone with your Earthware user code or through the restaurant’s delivery app of choice by selecting “Earthware” as your choice of a takeout container. Each container is made of #5 polypropylene (one of the safest choices of plastic according to the FDA), has a 1000-use lifespan and is thoroughly sanitized between uses. After 15 uses, the containers are less negatively impactful to the environment compared to conventional, reusable containers. To return the container, visit a local drop-off location or book a next-day pickup.

Earthware predicts that in five years, with 1200 restaurants using Earthware, the program can save one million dollars in processing expenses, reduce six million square metres of landfill space and eliminate 45 million kilograms of CO2 gas emissions. 

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Photograph by Earthware Reusable Containers

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This article appears in the June 2022 issue of Avenue Calgary.

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