10 Things Hannah Arcega Loves

The health nerd shares her love for her favourite pinot noir, lash extensions and body oil.

Photograph by Asim Haque.

A self-described “health nerd,” Hannah Arcega has always known that health and beauty were connected. She began her career as a pediatric nurse, then moved to dermatology before co-founding Thermae Centre for Advanced Aesthetics with her sister Rossana, a physician, in 2002. At Thermae they blend traditional skin care with advanced medical treatments. Arcega says she wants to empower people to be the best versions of themselves. “I was 40 when I started my own business, which is kind of late,” she says, “but I think you just have to go and do your own thing.”


Here are 10 things in Calgary she can’t live without.


Meinklang Blauburgunder Pinot Noir at Royale

“I love the ambiance at Royale, and it’s the only place I can find this wine. I’m a huge fan of organic [and biodynamic] wine, and this one is purely biodynamic, tastes amazing and I never get a headache.”


sun & moon Aromatherapy Sleep Masks by Tiffany Wollman

“I’m a big fan of sleep, and I can’t sleep without my mask. Tiffany is a local artist, and she also does craft work like sleep masks. She puts lavender and rose petals in them so they smell amazing.” (Thermae carries this product.)


Classic Body Oil by Jennifer Joan Skincare

“This is an all-natural luxury blend of essential oils for skin care, and it really is luxury. I love using the body oil after a shower, it just instantly hydrates.”


Barre Belle

“I’m totally hooked. I went for three years in a row, and it completely transformed my body. It’s great for women because it really focuses on strengthening your core.”


Henry Salad from Ten Foot Henry

Photograph by Jared Sych.

“The best salad, hands-down. It has a tahini-miso vinaigrette and shiitake mushrooms. I love it and I could eat it every day.”


The Gut Lab’s Chicken Bone Broth

Photograph courtesy of The Gut Lab.

“Drinking bone broth is an old tradition, but it has really gained popularity as a health trend. The Gut Lab was created by two women, and it’s all locally made and great for your gut and immune system.”


Blush Lane Organic Market

“I really believe that beauty is health, so I always seek out the healthiest food. I go to Blush Lane [in Marda Loop] all the time because they offer all of the best organic produce.”


Weaselhead Flats

“After work, I love going straight down to Weaselhead Flats park to unwind. You walk downhill to the river and you’re surrounded by trees and wildlife. It feels like you’re not even in the city.”


Lash Extensions at Fluff & Gāddess

“I love not having to worry about wearing mascara or putting on false eyelashes. Fluff & Gāddess uses cashmere lashes, so they’re super fine and look really natural.”


Bio-identical Hormone Replacement at EvolveWell

“The founder Jeanette Queen is a nurse practitioner and focuses on bio-identical hormone replacement. Having balanced hormones is so important to your overall health and beauty. It affects your metabolism and your energy.”

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