11 Stores We Want in Calgary

11 Stores We Want in Calgary Now that Calgary has a Nordstrom, we’re feeling greedy – we’d also like a Whole Foods Market, a West Elm, a Nike Store, and these eight other shopping destinations By Ricky Zayshley October 15, 2014 Whole Foods Market in Markham, Ont. Photograph courtesy of…

11 Stores We Want in Calgary

Now that Calgary has a Nordstrom, we’re feeling greedy – we’d also like a Whole Foods Market, a West Elm, a Nike Store, and these eight other shopping destinations

Whole Foods Market in Markham, Ont.

Photograph courtesy of ChadPerez49 (Wikimedia Commons)

Calgary’s shopping scene really seems to be at the cusp of something big, yet we don’t have a Whole Foods Market. What gives?

Here are 11 stores we’d like to see open in Calgary:

West Elm

Vancouver has one, and so does Toronto. We think it’s high time we get our very own West Elm. The American retailer offers a huge array of furniture for that urban-chic-with-a-Pinteresty-twist aesthetic. They even have their own line of paint with Sherwin-Williams. With Calgary’s ongoing housing – and particularly condo – boom, it makes perfect sense that this trendy furniture store would set up shop here.


Speaking of Calgary’s ongoing housing boom, we think our fair city can support a few more home-furnishing stores, like CB2. This younger, hipper kid sister to Crate and Barrel (which we do have) is the perfect foil to our already burgeoning furniture store scene. Continuing on its tradition of opening flagship stores on high-traffic urban thoroughfares like Robson Street in Vancouver and Queen Street West in Toronto, we think 17 Avenue S.W. would be an ideal home for this trendy retailer.

Whole Foods Market

Calgary is carving out a niche as one of the country’s best cities for dining, yet we don’t have access to the salad bar at Whole Foods Market – how could that be? There’s more than enough room in our grocery store scene to welcome a brand-spanking-new Whole Foods Market. The addition of this grocery store, affectionately dubbed “whole paycheck” by devotees everywhere, would be the key to reviving many depressed retail areas in the city – Eau Claire, did you hear that?

Trader Joe’s

We also want Trader Joe’s delightful nut mixes, frozen foods and meticulously stocked produce section, not to mention their delightful array of cookie butters. This American grocery giant hasn’t made it to Canada yet, but what’s stopping them from opening their first store in Calgary? We love food, they sell food. It’s a match made in heaven. This wish might be a pipe dream, but it’s one worth mentioning, just for the record.


This quirky Japanese home furnishing and fashion retailer recently announced plans to open its first Canadian store in Toronto, which is good because that means they have their eyes set on the Canadian market. If you’ve never been to Muji, think of it as IKEA for the ber cool. Where else can you get minimalist apparel, high-concept stationery, advanced skincare and super-cool furniture all under the same roof?


Calgary’s department store scene is heating up with the arrival of Nordstrom and recently announced plans by Holt Renfrew and Hudson’s Bay to reaffirm their hold on downtown shoppers. It makes perfect sense to us that Quebec-based Simons also sets up shop here, just to make things even more interesting. And with their mix of high-end and accessible fashion brands not offered anywhere else in Calgary, there’s more than enough room in the market. Plus, Edmonton has one, and that seems rather unfair, if you ask us.


Imagine a roomful of shoes. Now imagine a warehouse full, and they’re all on sale, and the brands are really, really good. No, you’re not dreaming – DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) does exist, and it is awesome. But since this American retailer has no locations north of the border, perhaps it really is a dream. But we think this shoe-lover’s paradise would be a great addition to CrossIron Mills. Just putting it out there.


While we’re on the acronym kick, it would be great to have a DWR (Design Within Reach). This store is chock full of classic furniture designs from the likes of Herman Miller, Le Corbusier and Fritz Hansen, as well as great basics pieces made in house.


This Japanese retailer has the fast fashion thing down to an art. Adored by shoppers in other great cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles – and by those looking for a great puffy jacket the world over – we think Uniqlo would fit in so nicely in one of our many malls, like Chinook Centre, or Southcentre, or Market Mall, or … well you get the idea.

Nike Store

We have a Vans store, a Reebok store, an Adidas store and even a Puma store, but no Nike Store? Something seems wrong here.

Equinox Fitness

Maybe it’s not a retail store, but just for the record, this high-end gym would kill it in Calgary. Equinox has got just the right blend of exclusivity, top-notch facilities and luxury to resonate with those downtowners and suburbanites alike. They’re all over New York, and one just opened in Toronto. We think it’s only a matter of time before Calgarians will be signing up for Pilates and hot yoga at this chic gym. Did we mention their locker rooms are stocked with Kiehl’s?

Bonus: Krispy Kreme – Come back, Krispy Kreme. We miss you.

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