Fall Wellness Tips from Saje CEO Jean-Pierre LeBlanc

As we move indoors because of colder weather, germophobia sets in. But, according to Saje CEO Jean-Pierre LaBlanc, there are natural ways to keep healthy all winter long.

Saje CEO Jean-Pierre LaBlanc


As we ease into the colder, Vitamin D-deficient months of the year, it is essential that we find rhythm in our wellness techniques to ensure that we maintain our health, both physically and mentally. Luckily we have help: the newest Saje Natural Wellness shop in Calgary recently opened up at Mount Royal Village and CEO and co-founder Jean-Pierre LeBlanc was on there to help guide us to optimal body/mind alignment.

“This is the most powerful and rapid approach to extreme wellness,” says LeBlanc. “There are three main priorities to take note of – sleep, nutrition and movement. Once you tackle these crucial elements of your life, you’ll be able to identify the other parts of your life that may need improvement, but likely not as these three elements impact so much of our day-to-day life.”


“First and foremost, sleep is the most important part of your daily wellness routine. Nutrition is important as well, but if you’re not sleeping, you’re not digesting your healthy organic foods. Saje has a whole system to improve your sleep cycle. Using an auravedic clock, you can figure out how to align your body to the body of the planet. This way, you can know the optimal time of day where your body will most effectively eat, sleep, exercise and socialize. The common sense of using this cycle will surprise you – it is easy to slip into bad habits but it is also easy to slip into good habits.”


Eater’s Digest is a critical blend of oils that we highly recommend for anyone who experiences digestion issues from time to time. Anytime you eat too fast, don’t eat enough, skip a meal, eat under stress or eat the wrong food, you can use this blend as a tool to help ease your digestion issues. You simply roll it in your hand and rub on your belly in a clockwise motion. Within four minutes, the blend will penetrate through the skin and impacts the ability for the body to digest food.”


“I don’t call this one ‘exercise’ because that sounds like something we are supposed to be doing, not what feels natural. Movement in general is good for us all throughout the entire day. Figure out what makes you happy to move and incorporate it into your life as much as possible. If you love dancing, dance. If you love to cycle, ride your bike as much as you can.”

Saje Natural Wellness, 880 16 Ave. S.W., 403-475-7263, and three other Calgary locations, saje.com

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