Hedkandi’s New Salon Brings Back the Best of the 70s

It includes lots of brass, botanicals worthy of a Golden Girl and the best Bumble and bumble products.

Photograph by Jason Eng

Hedkandi‘s new salon on 8th Street S.W. is a 1970s treasure with brass and pink and bold wall paper. It’s a combination of design elements that could have gone terribly wrong if it wasn’t in the hands of McKinley Burkhart.

Instead, the architecture and design firm created a vintage look that combines kitsch and classics to create a fun and flattering space.

The first thing you notice is the botanical wallpaper. TheMartinique Banana pattern was custom designed for theBeverly Hills Hotel in the 1970s. It has to be special ordered from Designer Wallcoverings. You might also recognize it as the wallpaper in Blanche Devereaux’s Golden Girls bedroom.

Brass is back in a big way. And, McKinley Burkhart used it throughout the space. Beyond light fixtures and furnishings, it’s the main material of screens that help divide the space. Geometric patterns were cut into brass and layered to create the screens. The screen blocking the messy colour mixing station also has a layer of two-way mirror to hide dye splatters.

Pairing with the brass and botanicals are rose accents. Rose makes almost everyone look good (which is important when you are sitting in front of a mirror for most of the time you are there).

The lighting also has warm tones coming from fixtures that are custom made for the space by Christiaan + Planck. All of the lighting design began by looking at images from the 1970s. The spoked light above the seating area is an old design modified by adding brass accents.

This is Hedkandi’s third Calgary location including salons at Hotel Arts and Bankers Hall. It also owns Butter Beauty Parlourin Mission.

All of Hedkandi’s salons are all beautiful and staffed by stylists who know how to work a pair of scissors. Hedkandi also usesBumble and bumble, some of the best hair care products.

Here are four to try:

Tonic Lotion

This is a little like a classic barber’s elixir scented with herbs, but the point is that it moisturizes and detangles.

Thickening Dryspun Finish

It’s a little like magic spray. It thickens without weighing down your hair (making it perfect for fine hair). It’s good for the first day of styling also ads oomph to a drooping hairstyle later in the day or the next day.


This is for everyone with short hair who has had the unfortunate experience of trying to shape their hair only to have it covered and crunchy with a pasty wax. Sumotech is a light moulding paste, but not so light that it won’t shape your trendy, choppy hairdo.

Cityswept Finish

Bumble and bumble considers “street-styled” to be messy and a little chunky. This finishing spray gives a little bit of separation with light hold. It also ads a nice sheen to your slightly messy but deliberate look.

Visit Hedkandi’s newest salon at 105, 1301 8 St. S.W., 403-215-3403, hedkandisalon.com

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