4 Tips for Perfect Office Plants

Office plants give you cleaner air and a calmer, more productive atmosphere. Read our list to find your ideal office plant-colleague.

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Coffee breaks aren’t as fun when you have to take them alone. If you’re one of the many people missing their work BFF right now, we have good news for you. Besides keeping you company and helping you stay focused, plants also help reduce stress and improve productivity. Studies on the psychological benefits of plants have shown that after taking a three-minute break to water, gaze, and care for their desk plants, 27 per cent of participants experienced a significant decrease in pulse rate and anxiety levels. From light-loving greenery to statement-making blooms, we found 11 plants that make amazing coworkers. Here are four factors that can help determine which one is the perfect fit for your office.

The Amount of Light Near Your Desk

If your desk is in a location with lots of windows and sunlight, you’re in luck. You can choose from a variety of low-maintenance desk plants.

Our pick for an office with windows: Monstera Deliciosa

If this isn’t your situation, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of desk plants that don’t need sunlight.

Our pick for an office with low light: Snake Plant

The Size of Your Office Space

Succulents such as the snake plant are great for an office desk.

Working from home comes with the major perk of being able to design a space for a beautiful indoor office jungle. And more space means more (or bigger) plants to surround yourself with.

When it comes to tall office plants, here’s our pick: Money Tree. If your office space is more compact, don’t fret. Many office desk plants can liven up your area, no matter how small.

When it comes to smaller office plants, here’s our fave: Ruby Glow Peperomia or String of Dolphins

While your corporate office may tend to be too hot or too cold at times, your home office likely won’t be. With a home office, you have the power to control your working environment, so both you and your plants can thrive.

Air Purifying Plants for Fresher Air

There’s no doubt that office air can become stuffy at times, whether it’s in your building or your home. While it’s not the most pleasant environment, it’s just another excuse to have a desk plant. It’s in your plant’s DNA to clean the air you breathe (another reason why they make great coworkers). Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, helping to purify the air around you. If this is your top reason for getting an office plant, be sure to go for one of these air-purifying plants for your desk:

White Velvet

Mini Monstera

Crassula Cephalophora

Plants to Match Your Personality

Whether your office is sunny or shady, big or small, your space should keep you happy and productive while also reflecting your personality.

Unique office plants can be a statement of who you are or add a little pop to your office decor.

If you’re superstitious or believe in making your own luck, these lucky plants for an office desk might be right up your alley.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be happier with some added greenery and growth in your home office.

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