5 Reasons Why Carpet Could be Your Best Choice

A flooring expert shares insight on the plush comforts and cost benefits of including carpet in your home. 

Despite hardwood and luxury vinyl sometimes stealing the flooring spotlight, carpeting remains a consistent go-to choice among homeowners. Here, Brody Haugrud, business director of CDL Flooring, shares five reasons to consider carpet for your home.

Noise and slip reduction

A major factor in what makes carpet so appealing is the underfoot comfort it adds to a home. Carpeting is a natural shock absorber and provides cushioning, which helps protect your feet and joints from impact when walking. It’s a great floor choice for older homeowners or couples with children. Adding carpets to stairs, says Haugrud, is also a great way to add a non-slip surface and help prevent falls when navigating between different levels. Carpet also doubles as a natural sound dampener, so voices, music and footsteps aren’t as loud or travel through to other rooms.

Plenty of design versatility

When it comes to styling carpet, there’s no shortage of colours, looks and designs. To narrow down the choices, Haugrud recommends thinking about your personal needs. “First, consider how you live and what is important to you,” he says, adding that factors like how much foot traffic a room gets, who will be using the room — such as guests or pets — and how that room is used will determine the best look and style. For example, plush carpet is a better choice for a bedroom as it adds a sense of luxury and comfort as well as warmth.

Energy efficiency

For homeowners looking to lower their electricity bills and boost overall energy efficiency, carpet flooring can help. The fibres that make up carpet flooring act as a natural trap that holds in heat during the winter and prevents cold air from escaping in the summer, explains Haugrud. In recent years, carpets have also shifted towards being more environmentally sustainable. Many carpets are now made from recycled materials, so choosing carpet makes your home greener, too.

Cost effective

Adding to the cost savings from the energy efficiency of carpet, it’s also an overall budget-friendly flooring. From initial purchase to installation, carpet will run at the lower end of costs, especially as it doesn’t need extra floor prep before installing. When deciding what type of carpet, style or colour to choose, CDL takes the time to discuss homeowners’ needs before chatting about prices or materials. That way, they can recommend the best material at the right cost without compromising quality.

Style foundation

When styling a carpet in your home, Haugrud suggests two approaches. The first is viewing the carpet as a canvas, wherein the floor can reflect a mood or bring a new style to the room without taking attention away from the room overall. The second approach is to use the carpet as a feature design element. In that case, the carpet becomes the room’s focal point, either with an eye-catching pattern or a bold colour. The ease of styling options with carpet makes it appealing option for any room. Basements, bedrooms and living spaces are especially great rooms to include carpet, says Haugrud, as it can add the right touch of colour, style and overall comfort.

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