5 Reasons You Should Donate to the Calgary Drop-In Centre

Spread some hope and kindness this holiday season with a donation to the DI

When you’re looking to give back to a charitable organization and make a meaningful impact in Calgary, it can be challenging to choose who to support with so many worthwhile causes within the city. Here are the top five reasons why the Calgary Drop-In Centre (the DI) should make your gift list.

1. The DI is recognized as one of the top charities in Canada

If you want to feel secure that your donation is going to those who need it most, look no further than the DI. This year, the DI was once again recognized as a Top 100 Charity within Canada by Charity Intelligence Canada, receiving a five-star rating. You can rest assured that any donation, big or small, is going to those who need it most and will make a real impact on the lives of Calgarians. 

2. During COVID-19, more than 305 Calgarians found their way home thanks to the DI

When the pandemic first hit, Calgarians were told one of the safest things to do was to stay home — but you can’t stay home if you can’t go home. Beginning in March, the DI set out to house 250 Calgarians during COVID-19. The DI completed that mission in September and continues to find permanent housing solutions for as many vulnerable Calgarians as it can. Learn more about what the DI has been up to by reading its latest Report to Community.

3. The DI believes in housing-first but not housing-only

A major part of the housing success in Calgary is the DI’s Free Goods program that provides furniture and materials to low and no-income Calgarians, including people exiting homelessness. The Free Goods program is used by over 90 partner agencies in Calgary, with more than 1,000 new homes furnished in 2020 alone. The program allows those who have been housed to truly create a home, which helps give them the best odds of staying housed.

4. While cash donations are appreciated, there are many ways to get involved with the DI

By visiting calgarydropin.ca/give, you can learn about all the ways you can get involved with the DI, and just how easy it can be. With options that allow you to contribute without leaving your home to making a difference without spending a dime, there are so many ways that you can support the DI this holiday season. Take the time and find what works for you at your budget and comfort level.

5. The DI is delivering kindness and community when they are needed most

2020 has been a challenging year for many, reminding us that alongside good health, there’s no price tag on kindness and community. The DI is fueled by kindness and rooted in community, and those values are sorely needed this holiday season. The DI encourages the best in humanity and reminds us that we have the power to improve the lives of those around us every day. See the impact that is possible by watching “Chuck’s Story” and consider contributing to the DI’s valuable work.

To donate to the Calgary Drop-In Centre, and to see what is possible with a housing-focused attitude, visit calgarydropin.ca/give or follow on social media at @calgarydropin.


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