5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Dream Home

Calbridge Homes’ head of architectural planning and development shares his main tips.

When it comes to building your dream home, the number of things you need to consider can feel a little daunting at times. From determining where to build and who to build with, to deciding on finer details like floorplans and finishes, the process as a whole can seem intense — but it’s all a part of the adventure.

As one of Calgary’s premier luxury builders, Calbridge Homes can help turn your dream home aspirations into blissful reality. Offering custom builds in the communities of Harmony, Crestmont View, Mahogany Island & Lakefront and Cranston’s Riverstone (or on a lot you may have already chosen elsewhere in the city), Calbridge Homes’ award-winning team of designers will work with you to design every detail of your home, ensuring you get everything you’ve ever wanted — and more.

Here, Eelco Kleinleugenmors, head of architectural planning and development with Calbridge Homes, shares five key things to consider as you begin your custom-build adventure.

Pick a location that suits your taste

When deciding on a lot to build on, “location is so important,” says Kleinleugenmors. That means choosing to build in a community that resonates with how you’d like to live. Do you want a picturesque lake just steps away from your door? A gorgeous mountain view to wake up to each morning? An easy commute downtown?

Kleinleugenmors advises making a list of the community and location aspects that are most important to you and your family. “It’s definitely key that you know what you’re looking for and how you envision life to be every single day,” he says. “And then from there you choose a location that can offer you that. With Crestmont View, for instance, being close to nature is important to homeowners — having more of an acreage property within the city limits. And with Harmony, it’s having that laid-back lake lifestyle — feeling a little bit removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.” 

Consider the spaces that will matter most to you

Functionality is the name of the game when it comes to a creating a home that works for you and your family. Kleinleugenmors says one of his favourite things about his job is meeting with a family or an individual for the first time, to get a sense of who they are, how they live, and start envisioning a home that supports and enhances their lifestyle.

“Certain people value different areas in the home,” he says. “Some might be really focused in and around the kitchen and the dining area; others love to entertain on their lower level and they want to make sure that we knock it out of the park in their basement, because they can just picture spending time with their family and friends in that space.

From a design perspective, really getting to know [those preferences] lays the foundation for everything a custom home is all about — creating something specifically for the customer.”

Get personal with your style — and your builder

Your custom-built home needs to feel custom to you — a perfect fit, in every room, and in every detail. “Personality can come through in the layout, the flow of the home, architectural details — even the architectural style, like whether you’re looking for more of a mountain-modern type house or something very contemporary,” Kleinleugenmors says. “Maybe you like elements of wood and rock for a very homey feel. Or maybe you want lots of glass — clean and minimalistic.”

Kleinleugenmors insists that it’s key to consult with the builder and design team on your ideas from the very beginning, as they can work with you to help optimize your preferences. Don’t be afraid to bring a portfolio or design catalogue of styles that you like, as it helps your builder know exactly what you’re looking for.

“When we design,” he says, “we put ourselves in your shoes. Our custom designs at Calbridge Homes are very intentional and specific to each customer.”

Contemplate curb appeal

Sure, the inside of your home should look great. But think about curb appeal, too. Whether it’s a craftsman style home emphasizing wood and stone or modern architecture featuring clean lines and plenty of windows – what will make you happy?

“We always want to make sure that when a homeowner comes home, they actually feel welcomed by their house,” says Kleinleugenmors.

Your custom home needs to be a place you can see yourself and your family living in for a long time — that’s part of the beauty of the custom-built approach. Tailor your home’s exterior so that you’ll love looking at it for many years to come.

“It’s important that when you look at your house, you’re proud of what you’ve achieved — what you’ve designed for yourself and your family,” he says.

Think big when it comes to maximizing lifestyle

“One thing that we love to do when designing your custom home is to help you understand and really envision what life can be like for you in that home and within that community,” says Kleinleugenmors.

Lakeside living in Harmony, for instance, presents different possibilities than acreage living in Crestmont View. If you’re thinking about a lakeside lot in Harmony, consider what would optimize that lot for your family. “Maybe you’d want to include a smaller building outside to house any water-sports equipment, or an outdoor shower where the kids can clean off before coming inside,” Kleinleugenmors says. “Or, for acreage living in Crestmont View, maybe think about what maintenance [of all that land] looks like. What do you need for landscaping and how do you want to manage it? Really considering and discussing [elements and potential] before you start building is vital.”

It’s by creatively — and seamlessly — uniting the distinct characteristics of your chosen community with the unique needs of your family that your new home will truly feel like a perfect fit. And that, says Kleinleugenmors, is the beauty of custom builds.

For more information on custom builds with Calbridge in Harmony, Crestmont View or elsewhere in Calgary, visit calbridgehomes.com/custom-homes/

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