A Guide to Aperitifs and Digestifs

Get to know your modern cocktail bar spirits.

As their names suggest, aperitifs and digestifs were traditionally enjoyed to stimulate the appetite or to aid in digestion. At Hy’s cocktail bar, many interesting spirits traditionally associated with these pre- and post-dining drinks are being incorporated into craft cocktails. They add depth and intrigue to the mix, and allow the bar masters to play around with tradition and even break a few rules. Isn’t that how all great discoveries are made?



Typically, an aperitif is less boozy and quite dry (lower in sugar) so as not to interfere with the meal to come. Try a classic aperitif like a perfect martini, a dry vermouth or a refreshing Aperol, which is similar in taste but has less than half the alcohol content of Campari.



After dinner, the higher sugar and alcohol character of a digestif can help settle the meal. Try a rich port, sherry or perhaps an Italian grappa, a high-alcohol brandy made from the stems, seeds and pulp leftover from winemaking. Also from Italy, Amaro and Fernet are fragrant but somewhat bitter liqueurs infused with many herbs, roots and spices.

Find out how Hy’s bar masters are interpreting these classic flavours. Hy’s fall cocktails are lined up and ready to accompany cool lunches, warm dinners and every cozy occasion on the winter calendar. Visit Hy’s weekdays from 3 – 7 p.m. and all day Sunday for Happy Hour, where you can start the evening with a perfect martini. The lounge also features live music by some great local performers Tuesday through Saturday — it’s the perfect after-work escape or the best way to wrap up your weekend. Check out the full Happy Hour menu and the list of scheduled performers at hyssteakhouse.com.

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