A Natural Partnership

RedPoint Media Group partners with TreeEra to combat climate change.

As a publishing house, RedPoint Media Group isn’t just on the hunt for new stories and journalistic integrity; it is also inspired to be an environmentally responsible business.

To that end, Avenue magazine uses a key stand distribution method, which ensures almost every printed magazine copy gets to an interested reader. The approach is an environmentally conscious option that minimizes wasted paper — a point of importance for many readers.

“Paper is the most highly recycled product in North America with a real market for the recycled product,” says Käthe Lemon, president and co-owner of RedPoint Media Group. Thanks to paper’s high recycling rate, it is diverted from Canadian landfills more than any other material. However, in an ongoing effort to improve social and environmental impacts, RedPoint Media Group went a step further.

“We knew that there were questions from our readers and partners about using paper and the impact it had,” says Lemon. “Although paper, when it is sustainably manufactured, has a lower footprint than people think, we also wanted to address our readers’ concerns.”

A greener solution

In 2022, TreeEra and Avenue formed a partnership to tackle those concerns. TreeEra was founded in 2016 to help individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprints by offering a convenient and simple way to contribute to the not-so-simple problem of climate change.

“Planting trees seemed like a perfect place to start,” says Mairyn Chorney, community manager at TreeEra. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it while releasing oxygen, and over the course of their lifetime, can offset up to one ton of carbon dioxide.

TreeEra provides different tree planting options to help get “off the sidelines in the fight against climate change” by planting new trees to offset everything from paper usage, office electricity, goods sold or services offered.

“We offer something for any type of sustainability goal,” says Chorney, adding that trees are natural climate-fighting forces.

Approximately 15.4 trees can offset the printing of one ton of coated magazine paper (about 200,000 sheets). Through the partnership, RedPoint Media Group and TreeEra calculate how many trees are used to publish Avenue in a year. TreeEra then replants that exact amount, helping to offset the carbon usage and impact. For Avenue’s 2023 carbon usage, TreeEra will plant 2,497 mangrove trees and by the end of 2024, Avenue is committed to increasing that number to 2,586 trees being planted. These trees, explains Chorney, are equivalent to roughly 14,116,883 sheets of coated magazine paper and can offset approximately 589,967 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2050.

For each Avenue issue published, TreeEra plants mangrove trees, a species of endangered trees that play a core role in storing carbon dioxide and supporting animal and plant life near oceans and rivers.

In addition to TreeEra’s focus on green solutions, RedPoint Media Group prides itself on being a community connector and partnering with local businesses such as TreeEra. “TreeEra is a great local organization, and we are excited to work with them to replace the trees we use to print Avenue,” affirms Lemon.

“We hope that through TreeEra, we can build a community of people who want to make a difference. Together, we can make a huge and incredible impact,” adds Chorney.

To join the “communi-tree” with TreeEra or to learn more, visit treeera.com.

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