Be Part of the Drive

Rocky Mountain Motorsports offers the fastest experience in the West.

Combine 16 technical turns with 36 metres of elevation change, across 3.5kms of plant-you-in-your-seat straights and G-inducing bends, then mix vigorously at maximum RPM, and you have a surefire recipe for the most excitement you can experience on wheels. 

Only 25 minutes north of Calgary lives a motorsports circuit like no other. Officially open since 2022, Rocky Mountain Motorsports (RMM) is a world-class motorsports facility, providing driving enthusiasts with a technical, premium experience — right in the heart of Alberta.

Designed by world-renowned F1 track designer TILKE Gmbh, RMM has the pedigree that will excite the novice learner, and challenge the most skilled drivers and motorcycle riders. As the circuit moves into its second full season, demand for a purpose-built motorsports destination has allowed both the growing membership group and the general public to access a broad range of driving experiences designed for all skill sets and levels of ability.

RMM supplies all the twists and turns

From member track days and adrenaline-fueled corporate events to high-performance driving schools, open lapping track days or a racing series, RMM is the home of motorsports in Western Canada.

Safety is a top priority

It’s not just about going fast — RMM prides itself in taking safety seriously. RMM is the most technologically advanced circuit in North America, with key features such as an F1-level electronic flagging system that displays second-to-second information to every driver on track, and 21 track-side cameras to monitor all on-track action — all to ensure that every lap at the circuit is as safe as it is exciting.

The place to live out your motorsport passion

If you love motorsports and aspire to learn from a professional, want to hone your skills and take your performance driving to the next level, or seek a truly unique recreational or corporate event experience, RMM offers the opportunity to get your 2024 on track.  

RMM Experiences include public track days, high-performance driving schools, corporate events and rentals, racing events and membership opportunities. Discover all the ways to experience RMM by visiting or follow them so social @rockymotorsports.

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