A Comfortable Approach to Dental Hygiene

A look inside West 85th Dental and its dental hygiene program prioritized for patient comfort.

We all know dental appointments are a vital part of good overall health, but it’s not something we necessarily look forward to. Located on the west end of the city, West 85th Dental works to provide a comfortable patient experience by prioritizing health. From blankets and warm towels post-treatment to personalized music choice and private rooms with air purifiers, the clinic has everything to provide comfortable care for its patients. 

Doing hygiene differently 

One of the key ways the West 85th Dental hygiene team makes cleaning appointments more comfortable is by using the EMS airflow warm water unit for Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). GBT is a dental hygiene technique that focuses on a gentle yet effective cleaning, using a nonabrasive powder with warm water to remove plaque and tartar comfortably from teeth and dental implants. 

Traditional methods that use vibrating cold water units and coarse polishing paste, while still effective when used correctly, can be uncomfortable for some patients because of the increased vibration and cold sensitivity.

“EMS offers a very innovative way to clean teeth that is also gentle,” says Laurie Smith, a dental hygienist at West 85th Dental. “People who have sensitive teeth really appreciate it.”

A committed dental care team

Dr. Reena Kaloti and Dr. Raman Minhas opened West 85th Dental in 2013 to provide the best dental care possible, while also creating an environment that experienced dental hygienists could thrive in by providing them with more time with their patients and the tools necessary for them to provide the most thorough and comfortable hygiene experience. 

“The introduction of GBT to the office was driven by our dental hygiene team,” affirms Minhas. “They took the initiative to get certified with GBT and it was done purely as a way to better the dental hygiene experience for patients. I can say that one of the things I am most proud of is the dental hygiene care that our team provides.”  

Using technology such as GBT is part of West 85th Dental’s commitment to providing effective and comfortable dental care, including Invisalign and cosmetic treatments like veneers, and general family dentistry. 

To learn more about making West 85th your dental home, visit west85thdental.com.

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