Embracing Alberta’s Innovators

For more than a century Albertans have been setting the pace when it comes to innovation.

Alberta Innovates has its eyes on the future — from reimagining energy, reinvigorating healthcare to revolutionizing technology. Albertans are innovating every day, in every sector and in every corner of our province. Alberta Innovates proudly celebrates the ingenuity driving our province.

“We serve entrepreneurs, businesses and researchers at any point, from discovery through applied testing and validation, to commercialization and end use,” says Laura Kilcrease, Alberta Innovates CEO.

“Our work spans the full spectrum of sectors and industries from healthcare providers to the health industry and patients; from forestry to food production; from artificial intelligence to academic research; and from clean energy to carbon capture.”

Growing agri-food leadership role

How has Alberta grown to be a global leader in advanced and emerging technologies for food and agriculture? The answer is a unique national partnership headquartered right here in our province, and Alberta Innovates is a core partner.

The Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN) mission is to create technological solutions for the most challenging problems facing Canada’s agri-food sector. Learn how CAAIN innovates in agriculture, forestry and food.

Detecting DDH with AI technology

Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is the number one reason for hip replacement surgery in women under 40 and is 30 times more common in Indigenous Canadians. Edmonton-based MEDO.ai has developed artificial intelligence-based technology to detect dysplasia in ultrasound images. In an academic setting, this analysis has accuracy and reliability equal to or better than expert radiologists.

It is estimated that each day in Alberta four infants are born with DDH and two adults receive hip replacement surgery for arthritis caused by untreated DDH. If detected in infancy, DDH is treatable with a simple brace with 95 per cent success. Learn how MEDO.ai innovates in health.

Cleaner diesel

Katal Energy is a low-emission alternative fuel company that is dedicated to making diesel fuel burn cleaner and longer. The company, which was born from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Applied Research and Innovation Services Lab, has created a commercially scalable process to produce an additive that can be mixed with diesel and water. The final product, called Katal Gree Fuel (KGF), reduces emissions and pollution while remaining cost competitive and as effective as traditional diesel.

The company estimates that replacing conventional diesel with KGF would immediately eliminate 12 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually in Canada. In addition, they say the mix would cut particulate and nitrous oxide emissions from diesel in half. Learn how Katal Energy innovates in clean resources.

Elevating human potential

Driven by a purpose to apply artificial intelligence to elevate human potential, AltaML is committed to developing responsible and ethical AI solutions. The company offers a proven, collaborative approach to applied AI — validated in over 200 use cases with over 50 partners — developing data-driven solutions that enable better decision making. Learn how AltaML innovates with emerging technology.

Inventures 2021

Inventures is our flagship event. Every year, we bring the best and brightest together for three days of learning, inspiration and creative collisions. From rousing keynotes and expert panels to start-up pitch competitions and networking opportunities, Inventures is more than a great conference filled with great programming, it’s an opportunity to build networks, strike deals and launch creative ideas into overdrive.

Join us Sept. 22-24 in Calgary for Inventures 2021, our event to celebrate Alberta innovation and to encourage investment in Alberta’s innovators. Learn how Inventures innovates in Alberta.

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