Gift of Giving: Impactful Donations Through Calgary Drop-In Centre

When you’re looking to give back and make a meaningful impact to a charitable organization in Calgary, choosing whom to donate to can be difficult, especially with so many worthwhile causes within the city.

Here are the top six impacts a donation to the Calgary Drop-In Centre (the DI) will have and why they should make your gift list.

Calgarians In Need Receive Kindness, Shelter And A Warm Meal

The DI provides more than just emergency shelter, and we all know the value of a hot meal. There is something powerful about gathering around the table and refueling and that’s especially true at the DI. Your support during this time will directly ensure that those in need receive a much-needed meal, comfort and a sense of belonging.


Your Donation Ends Up Having A Ripple Effect On Many Other Agencies In Calgary

A major part of the housing success in Calgary is the DI’s Free Goods Program, which provides furniture, household items, clothing and computers for those who are experiencing homelessness. The Free Goods Program is used by over 100 partner agencies in Calgary and is accessible to anyone in need. With over 3,600 new homes furnished in 2021 alone, there is no telling how far the Free Goods Program can reach in 2022. Best of all, this allows recipients to truly turn their house into a home, which is statistically proven to dramatically increase the odds of staying housed.


You Support Healthcare Services For The City’s Most Vulnerable 

Did you know that the DI has a burgeoning healthcare program that has run 24/7 through the pandemic? It’s not just COVID relief either, as they provide wound care, education for healthier habits and support detox and other emergencies as needed. You can learn more about the DI’s healthcare services in their latest Report to Community.


You Help Prepare For The Harsh Realities Of a Calgary Winter

Knowing there is a cold snap right around the corner in winter, your support helps ensure that the city’s most vulnerable population is prepared to face whatever climate they may have to. From new long underwear to warm blankets, your donation helps prepare the 660+ Calgarians who will be seeking shelter within the DI this winter.

Over 626 Calgarians Housed During COVID-19 Thanks To The DI… And You

When the pandemic first hit, Calgarians were told one of the safest things to do was to stay home…but you can’t stay home if you don’t have a home. While vaccinations have provided much-needed relief for Calgary and beyond, the pandemic still looms large for those unhoused. However, since the start of the pandemic, the DI has helped find housing for 626 Calgarians. And with a return-to-shelter rate of less than 3 per cent, you help ensure that those storybook endings stay happily ever after––just like Chuck.

You Bring A Little Bit More Kindness To Calgary

And that is one thing you can never get enough of.

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