Giving Dads a Gift of Loving Support

DAY1DADS Impact Foundation raises awareness for men’s mental health and connects dads with resources through Hey Dad Care Cards.

As the pandemic started to wind down in 2021, longtime friends Curtis Alexander and Steve Mix found challenges in receiving mental health support, especially for dads. The pair — both dads who know the demands and joys of fatherhood — set out on a mission to connect men and their families with quick and easy access to support services. 

Suicide rates are approximately three times higher for men than women, and dads often face their own set of challenges. As the founders of DAY1DADS Impact Foundation, Alexander and Mix strive to create more spaces for vulnerable conversations in hopes of supporting dads who are struggling. 

“Society really paints this picture that men are always strong — that we can hold a lot of weight, and it doesn’t always give us the opportunity to be vulnerable and say, ‘Hey, I’m not okay,’” explains Alexander. “It’s really important to make that easier and more comfortable.”

Hey Dad Care Cards

DAY1DADS created the Hey Dad Care Card to break down barriers to seeking mental health support. Through a QR code, the card links dads to a comprehensive selection of community resources like suicide hotlines and 30-day access to BetterHelp, an online counselling platform. It’s designed to be a tangible tool for dads to keep in their wallets, and have access to resources and support at any moment. 

“There’s a lot of information that’s out there, but when you’re in that negative headspace, you don’t have the time to search for the best options. That’s where the Hey Dad Care Card comes in,” says Alexander. 

More than quick access to resources, the care card is an unspoken way of showing support to a loved one. It’s an easy way to say “I’m here for you” without having to say the actual words. “When it comes from the heart and from a loved one that cares about you, it hits differently, and you never know when you need something until it’s presented to you,” affirms Alexander. 

Community connection

As a non-profit designed to spark conversations and support dads in Calgary and beyond, DAY1DADS understands the importance of community connection. The foundation has hosted multiple fundraisers, raising funds for DAY1DADS and other organizations across the city. “Our belief is that, as a community, we have to support each other through collaboration to succeed,” affirms Alexander.  

The foundation puts on events not only to gather community but to raise awareness on how it’s okay not to be okay. From June 3-16, 2024, Calgarians can check out the Hey Dad Hall of Fame at the CORE shopping centre. The visual installation celebrates dads and showcases unique journeys through fatherhood. DAY1DADS continues to encourage vulnerable conversations surrounding the struggles dads face and build a supportive community. One thousand Hey Dad Care Cards will be available at the Hall of Fame installation, so you can give a loved one the gift of support and show them your door is always open. 

For a complimentary Hey Dad Care Card for you or a loved one, visit

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