Steak 101

How to choose the perfect cut of beef.

Navigating through the many different types of beef can be overwhelming. Hy’s experts lay out all you need to know to help you choose, along with some tasty sips to enjoy with each.

The Striploin

The strip steak is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Most commonly referred to as a New York Strip, it’s also known by a variety of other names, such as Kansas City and Ambassador Steak. Coming from the short loin, a moderately active, longer muscle, it can be cut to a generous size. With the best of both tenderness and a healthy fat content, the result is a juicy, flavourful steak. The striploin is usually served boneless, but choosing a bone-in New York or the more generously marbled bone-in Rib Steak will definitely up the ante, as the bone imparts even more intensity of character. This flavourful cut stands up well with a robust red wine to accompany. Try a fruit-forward Zinfandel or Cabernet and enjoy the flavour explosion.


Perhaps it’s the French name, but for many, the name Filet equates to the ultimate in dining luxury and indulgence. Cut from a small, non-working muscle, there is less yield and therefore the filet can be pricey, but it’s a lean, beautifully shaped steak, with no fat marbling and maximum tenderness. With a milder flavour, Filet can be deliciously enhanced with a creamy rich béarnaise or piquant peppercorn sauce. Best enjoyed with a lighter, dry red wine like Sangiovese or Pinot Noir; the moderate tannins and fruit won’t overwhelm the steak’s quiet character. This is a no-fail choice for purists who appreciate the nuances and subtleties of many layered flavours.


The Porterhouse is for those who can’t decide — or really know and want the best of both worlds. It’s comprised of a piece of tenderloin and a piece of strip separated by a T-shaped bone. Porterhouse steaks are cut from the rear end of the short loin, so they include a sizable piece of tenderloin along with a large piece of strip loin on the other side of the bone. Not to be confused with the similarly shaped T-Bone Steak, which is cut closer to the front and therefore has a smaller tenderloin, the Porterhouse is big, bold and showy. Now what to uncork to go with it? Syrah or Cabernet will do just fine.

Dry-aged Rib Steak

For true steak aficionados, the complexity and intensity of a dry-aged cut is the ultimate steak experience. Extensive aging breaks down the enzymes in the beef, creating intense, concentrated flavours like nuttiness, blue cheese and “umami” — the so-called fifth, savoury taste. A 60-Day Dry Aged Bone-In Rib Steak is perfect for those who really know and understand what happens through the beef aging process and want to enjoy a distinctly different steak experience. Pair with a bold, rich red from Italy or France and be transported.

Whatever your steak craving, Hy’s has the perfect cut. Ethically sourced from High River, Alberta, Hy’s beef is like nothing else you’ve ever tasted. Visit for dinner seven nights a week or for lunch on weekdays.

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