Jasper is Open: What You Need to Know

Jasper’s return of stable power means this spectacular early-fall destination is, once again, open for business. Here’s the latest from Jasper and why you should make the trip this fall.

September 2022 arrived with more than its fair share of challenges in Jasper National Park, largely thanks to the nearby Chetamon wildfire. But as of September 14, we’re thrilled to report that the mountain town is once again ready to welcome guests with open arms.

The Chetamon wildfire north of Jasper began burning on September 1, impacting nearby ATCO powerlines on September 4 and causing the town to switch to less-than-reliable generator power for several days.

Thanks to a tireless team effort between ATCO Energy, fire crews, Parks Canada and the municipality of Jasper, stable energy was re-established in the town on September 14, prompting a clear message to visitors: Jasper is open once again.

What’s Open in Jasper?

Just about everything! Jasper has been quick to recover from the power outage and Jasperites are eager to share their community with visitors once again.

Restaurants are back to capacity throughout town, including Pursuit’s recent addition to the Jasper dining scene, Terra. Just beyond the townsite, Pyramid Lake Resort is expected to re-open its acclaimed dining experience at The Pines by September 21.

The restoration of power also comes just in time for late-season adventuring throughout Jasper. Open Top Touring’s old-school-cool vehicles will remain on the roads until October 10 to help visitors uncover legendary Jasper. On the water, Maligne Lake Cruise continues to operate through early fall, as does Columbia Icefield Adventure on the Athabasca Glacier. We know you’ll have no problem filling your Jasper itinerary during your autumn visit.

How is the Fire Still Impacting Jasper?

It’s important to note that while power has been restored to Jasper, the Chetamon wildfire is still burning. That said, the fire poses no threat to the Jasper townsite and its status has been downgraded from “out of control” to “being held.”

You may experience some smokey conditions during your visit, common right now throughout Western Canada, though the views remain stunning in the Canadian Rockies. Plus, as fall foliage makes its way to the park, you’ll get the unique experience of enjoying this fleeting season before the snow begins to fly.

Why You Should Visit Jasper Now

Autumn conditions don’t stick around in Jasper for long and finding a vacancy at this time of year is a rare treat. In addition to the autumnal beauty and the opportunity to book a late-season getaway, a trip to Jasper also means a chance to support a community following a difficult time. Jasper is excited to welcome you – don’t miss out on an extraordinary escape to the Canadian Rockies.


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