Meet your Digital Twin

How a new clinic in Calgary leans into preventive health through precision data and analytics.

Cutting-edge tests, advanced scans, innovative software and comprehensive preventive assessments are the keys to unlocking a longer, happier life. That’s according to a 2020 medical study published in Neural Computing and Applications, which found that harnessing data points — from imaging, genomics and bioanalytics – has the potential to save millions of lives. 

That study is backed up by a 2021 article in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine that said the ultimate goal of preventive medicine is to eradicate disease. It found screening programs and technology could be essential tools in establishing best practices for preventive healthcare.

TELUS Health’s newest clinic, Precision Health, located at the TELUS Sky building in Calgary, leverages imaging and data to provide precise and tailored individual insights for people looking to proactively enhance their wellbeing.

“I really look at preventive health as being about empowering people — with information, insights and opportunities to support their wellbeing and maximize their health and wellness over the long term,” says Dr. Keir Peterson, chief medical officer at TELUS Health

“There is an enormous appetite for individuals to be more in control. They want information. They’re researching their medical conditions before they even see or speak to a healthcare provider. So I see this in terms of personal empowerment and providing folks with actionable information, which is part of the evolution that we’ve seen over the last 40 years in the healthcare space,” says Peterson. 

Digital insights

Think of it a little bit like an Apple Watch. Today, wearable devices can provide all kinds of insights such as how you’re sleeping or how many steps you’re taking, and allows you to optimize your health routine based on this data. 

Telus Health Care Centre

The technologies of the Precision Health service, like advanced imaging and genetic testing, allow the aggregation and analysis of millions of data points to deliver new and unique insights into a person’s current state of health and their potential future state. 

According to Peterson, unlocking a new level of health knowledge through quantified preventive health data can help individuals make positive lifestyle changes.

“By empowering people with detailed health information, they can then take steps to increase the likelihood of many high-quality, active years ahead of them,” he says.

Enter your digital twin

In the realm of Precision Health, the digital twin stands as a pioneering concept, offering a transformative approach to understanding our bodies. Leveraging innovative technologies, Precision Health provides individuals with a virtual replica of the human anatomy by automatically structuring their health data and creating summaries that highlight their personalized key health indicators. With these insights into the individual’s unique physiological makeup, health coaches at Precision Health can then tailor regimens and strategies to help optimize health outcomes.

“It’s about taking what could be an enormous amount of health information and packaging it for the individual in such a way that they can understand it and act on it,” says Peterson.

Precision Health offers three tailored packages. The first offering, Longevity, is for those seeking the most insights into their genetic makeup and predispositions. Using a trifecta approach, combining genetics, whole-body MRI with digital twin and bioanalytical data, individuals can dig into the secrets hidden within their genes. The second, Heart Health, is for those wanting to prioritize cardiovascular health. And the third, Performance, is for athletes who want to enhance and optimize their overall performance levels and physique. 

Each of the tests enables longitudinal tracking to monitor an individual’s health changes over time, if and when they choose to make this investment year after year. This kind of tracking establishes a baseline and progressively enriches it with each subsequent assessment, fostering comprehensive health insights across a lifetime. 

Unlocking a new level of health knowledge through quantified preventative health data can help individuals make positive lifestyle changes.

When it comes to tracking your health progress over time and gauging the effectiveness of your efforts, Peterson emphasizes the challenge many face today: “Am I doing the right things? Is this dietary change making an impact? Are the changes I’m implementing making a difference for me? The idea is that with clear, understandable data, you can accurately track over time if the changes you’re making are leading to a positive impact on your health.” 

By transforming scientific advancements into tangible reality, Precision Health is paving the way for a new era in proactive and personalized wellbeing — a long-awaited shift that addresses the needs and desires of many who want to live longer, happier and healthier lives. 

For more information about Precision Health and to book an appointment, click here. Precision Health is located in the state-of-the-art TELUS Sky building in Calgary at 685 Centre Street South. 

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