Rümi: Expert Services to Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

Rümi can keep your home a true sanctuary by helping with general repairs, new installations and ongoing maintenance.

Buying a new home is an exciting step, but it also comes with a number of homeowner responsibilities. Keeping your home maintained can lead to an ever-growing to-do list, especially when spring and fall cleaning rolls around. That’s where Rümi can step in with its 80+ home services. Whether you need something in your home fixed, maintained or need a new home-improvement product, the Rümi team can take care of it. 

The source for every home service

Rümi works with qualified and vetted home-service experts in Alberta, so no matter what needs fixing or maintaining, the Rümi team can handle it. Additionally, Rümi is a sister company to ATCOenergy, so any home energy needs or questions are just a call away. If you aren’t sure what the best approach to a problem may be or what service is best, don’t worry. 

“Working with our customer service advisors, you can skip the guesswork in trying to find the right service provider to get the job done right,” says Matthew Coad, Rümi’s director of strategy. “We’ve done the homework for you and we’ve found vendors who meet or exceed our safety and customer service standards.”

Rümi is essentially a personal assistant for your home. All the legwork, groundwork and actual work-work is done by Rümi, so you don’t have to. “We offer more than 80 services through Rümi and its vendors, which means you don’t have to spend all your time researching who can help you with plumbing or your electrical needs, or who can install solar panels. We’ve got you covered for almost everything you need done around your home,” affirms Coad.

Trusted stress-free home care

Rümi is the newest addition to the ATCO family of companies, which has been providing trusted services and support to Albertans for the past 75 years. Rümi’s mission is to empower customers by ensuring their homes are a stress-free sanctuary. “You can trust Rümi to help take the stress out of home ownership,” says Coad. 

And, Rümi’s service providers and vendors are local so they understand the needs of Alberta homeowners. “There aren’t many locally managed companies that do what we do. We’re proud to work with and support local businesses, who understand the unique needs of Albertans,” says Coad.

Get your valuable time back

Maintaining an entire household can be a lot, especially when trying to balance work and home life. Finding the time to look at home issues, let alone resolving them can be a challenge. This is where Rümi steps in to give Albertans their time back. 

With more than 80 offered services through Rümi and its local vendors, its team can help with nearly everything your home may need — general repairs, new installations, ongoing maintenance, cleaning services, lawn and yard care, and more. Whether you’re a brand new or longtime homeowner, you can use Rümi to easily manage your home’s needs. 

Book a service today at rumi.ca.

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