Toast the Holiday Season with Premium Bourbon

Indulge in Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Port Wine Barrels for a triumphant gifting and hosting festive season.

There’s nothing quite like picking out a masterfully crafted bottle of bourbon — whether to gift or to share — to show you’ve got great style and even greater taste. 

This festive season, raise a glass and raise the bar for holiday hosting and gifting with the award-winning Angel’s Envy bourbon finished in port barrels  — an exceptional whiskey finished in ruby port wine casks, making it a high-calibre spirit like no other. 

Thoughtfully crafted 

Angel’s Envy bourbon is artfully crafted with a unique secondary finish, meaning it is transferred into a secondary cask of port wine barrels to add complexity and maintain a nuanced, yet approachable flavour.

The whiskey is aged for four to six years in new, charred 53-gallon American white oak barrels. Where most bourbons end here, Angel’s Envy takes it one step further and places the bourbon into 60-gallon port wine barrels from Portugal for up to six additional months. There’s no set time for the final finishing process — the masters at Angel’s Envy decide when the whiskey has reached its perfect flavour profile. The end result is a touch of sweetness and distinct flavours to allow it to be sipped neat, yet robust and flavourful enough to be mixed into cocktails.  

A magical port finish 

Scotch has been finished in fortified wine barrels for generations. So the curious creators at Angel’s Envy took it upon themselves to see if it would also work in bourbon’s favour. Turns out, it does. Master distiller and bourbon legend, Lincoln Henderson revered tradition, but also embraced progress. He and his son, Wes, brought the idea of aging bourbon in port barrels to reality through Angel’s Envy. 

During the aging process, a small amount of spirit evaporates, and is known as the “Angel’s Share.” After tasting the finished whiskey, Lincoln joked that we had finally struck a better deal than the angels. That’s how the name Angel’s Envy was born. The high-end, unique bourbon continues to be crafted with thoughtfulness and a magical touch. 

Exceptional flavour profile

A sip of the spirit is all the sweetness you need this holiday season. In true festive fashion, the bourbon offers flavours that will keep you warm and toasty all winter.

To the nose, there are hints of vanilla, raisins, maple syrup and toasted nuts. And with a sip, you can enjoy notes of vanilla, ripe fruit, maple syrup, toast and bitter chocolate with a finish of clean and lingering sweetness. 

More than flavour, Angel’s Envy bourbon also serves an elegant look. The spirit is gold in colour, laced with reddish amber hues and nearly copper in tone — the perfect spirit to impress your friends at any holiday party.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift or a sensational sipper to serve your guests, Angel’s Envy bourbon finished in port wine barrels will not disappoint. 

Sip, share and celebrate with Angel’s Envy. Learn more at

Please enjoy responsibly.



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