Top 4 Places in Calgary and Area to Get a Caesar

Whether you’re looking for a taste of the original, or to try something innovative and new, here are the top spots in Calgary to enjoy a true Canadian classic – the Caesar.

The Caesar is a classic Canadian cocktail with its roots planted deep in Calgary where it was first concocted at The Westin (formerly the Calgary Inn) by Walter Chell in 1969. Travel south of the border, and you may get a peculiar look (or a salad) ordering a Caesar, but Canada’s answer to the U.S.’s Bloody Mary ups the ante with Mott’s® Clamato® serving as its primary ingredient. Over the years, there have been several twists on the cocktail – which is essentially an ounce of vodka, a dash of Worcestershire and tabasco sauce with Mott’s® Clamato® and a garnish. Some establishments go above and beyond when it comes to what they put in a Caesar, particularly the garnish. But whether you have a lone stick of celery or a cheeseburger with bacon hovering over your Caesar, it’s the drink that counts most.

Here are four great spots in Calgary if you’re craving a classic Canadian Caesar.

#1 Cleaver

Not only has Cleaver taken home several gold awards from Alberta’s Finest Drinks List, the popular restaurant in Calgary’s southwest also serves up a mean Caesar with enough toppings to render its menu unnecessary.

What makes its Caesar unique? Well, how about the buffet you get with it? The Caesar stack is garnished with everything from fried chicken, a waffle and beef sliders. Now they just need to find room for the kitchen sink.

524 17 Ave. S.W., Unit 102

#2 Big Sky BBQ 

With a Texas-style menu and matching Texas-style patio, Big Sky BBQ boasts 13 Caesars on its menu ranging from The Classic and Hog Wild Heated Caesar to the Meatzer and the ultimate indulgence BBQ King Caesar, all ranging from $7 to $30.

What makes its Caesar unique? Aside from the variety of Caesars and garnishes, the BBQ King Caesar comes with nearly enough food to feed a family – brisket, chicken, sausage, ribs, hog spuds, bacon and a pulled pork sandwich.

306016 15 St. E., Okotoks, Alta.

#3 Briggs Kitchen + Bar

Briggs may be known for its large portions of meat that would please even Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, but this stylish Design District establishment also knows how to mix a traditional, yet modern version of the Canadian classic Caesar.

What makes its Caesar unique? The Cory Canadian Caesar served at Briggs keeps things simple, but ups the ante by adding house pickled and smoked clams as a garnish.

100, 317 10 Ave. S.W.

#4 Blue Star Diner

Sometimes, you just want a Caesar without all the hoopla, and Blue Star Diner serves up just that. At 10 a.m. every morning, customers can enjoy happy hour pricing on this classic cocktail that has long been a hangover craving.

What makes its Caesar unique? Though they keep it fairly simple, Blue Star Diner’s Day of the Dead Caesar includes Mott’s® Clamato®, Tequila, angry sauce and Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Yum!

809 1 Ave. N.E.

No matter what your go-to Caesar has been over the years, there’s no shortage of options in the city where the classic cocktail was first introduced to the world. For more information on Mott’s® Clamato® products, visit Isn’t it time for a Caesar?

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