12 Incredible Photographs of Wildlife In and Around Calgary

They are the winners of Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society’s Eye for the Wild Photography Contest.

This winter, the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society hosted a photo contest and the winners have been chosen.

The challenge was to photograph animals native to Southern Alberta in their natural habitat. There are plenty of options for animals to photograph — more than 400 animal species call Calgary home — but capturing them at just the right moment without any human interaction takes skill. All of the photographs submitted were taken by amateur photographers and reviewed by a panel of judges. The contest is also a fundraiser for CWRS, which rescues and rehabilitates wild animals in and around Calgary.

These are the winners of Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society’s Eye for the Wild Photography Contest. They will also be displayed at an event in the fall and featured in a 2020 calendar.


Cedar Waxwing by Maureen Hills-Urbat

by Maureen Hills-Urbat

Second Place

Hi There! by Tony LePrieur

by Tony LePrieur

Third Place

Great Grey Owl Displaying a Freshly Caught Vole at Day’s End by Stephen Shikaze

by Stephen Shikaze

Fourth Place

Owl Looking Out the Barn Window by Rika Raes

Rika Raes

Fifth Place

Blast-off by Lisa Yano

By Lisa Yano


Honourable Mentions (in alphabetical order)


Northern Saw-whet Owlet by Maureen Hills-Urbat

By Maureen Hills-Urbat

Mule Dear in the Rain by John Kearsley

By John Kearsley

A Hare Out of Place by Tony LePrieur

By Tony LePrieur

Grizzly Play School by Ken Pride

by Ken Pride

Yoga in the Park by Lori Stainer

by Lori Stainer

My First Barred Owl by Tanya Wierenga

by Tanya Wierenga


Puff Daddy by Lisa Yano

By Lisa Yano

To learn more about the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society and the work that it does, visit calgarywildlife.org.


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