How to Wear a Trend When You Aren’t Trendy

Trends come and go, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth investing in. Here’s how to embrace a trend when you're not trendy.


Fashion is always reinventing itself, but how do you manage a trend without looking like a fashion victim? Here are some quick tips for trying a trend.


Try it on

The first place to start when looking to add a new piece of clothing is to just try it on. Sometimes you just need to get used to new shapes and silhouettes in order to move forward. You may not feel right in it now, but trends can be harbingers of change, so it’s good to adjust your eye and to be open to change.

Try this

photo courtesy of Leo BOutique

Horses Atelier high-waisted trouser, $335, from Leo Boutique.


You might already be trending

Trends are cyclical, so look for trendy items you might already own. You might find your personal style is suddenly a perfect match for a new style. Even a classic like a trench coat or a pencil skirt can often be worn in a new, trendy way.

Try this

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

Tropical gabardine trench coat with ruffle detail, $2,595, from Burberry.


Accessories are key

The easiest way to try a trend is with a bag, a shoe, or even a piece of jewellery. Fit is less of an issue and when items are small they can be easily stored for the next time the trend rolls back around. This can be a great way to incorporate some of your more “vintage” pieces as well.

Try this

photo courtesy of michael kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sloan large floral appliqué shoulder bag, $378, from Michael Kors.


Pick a colour

Trends are often represented in colour or prints. This year, florals for spring are a good bet and red is making a huge comeback for fall and makes a great accent.

Try this

photo courtesy of Stuart Weitzman

Swifty suede sandal, $525, from Stuart Weitzman.


Look ahead

Fashion is shown six months ahead, so take your shopping cues from what’s happening in the next season. Statement earrings have been going strong for more than a few seasons now, so it’s a good bet that you will be on trend without feeling like you wasted your money six months later.

Try this

photo courtesy of gravitypope

Marni earrings, $510, from gravitypope.

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