Your Weekend Project: Spring Closet Cleaning

Get a handle on closet clutter with these tips from a fashion stylist.



Spring is the perfect time to clean out your closet and get ready for a new season. Here are five tips on how to get started and how to decide what to keep.


Plan for success

Approach the big job of cleaning out your closet in small sections, each with a time limit. Think about what is a reasonable amount of time to spend on each task, and stick to it. You might not get everything finished, but you will feel inspired to keep going instead of feeling overwhelmed by what’s left to do.


Clear the clutter

It’s easier to pull out the items you are sorting into a larger, separate area to give you room to work. Use a portable rack to hang items and bins to sort the rest. Re-organize your closet with what’s left behind after you’re done.


Decisions, decisions

Make “yes, no and maybe” areas for sorting. Saying “maybe” gives you a chance to be undecided without spending too much time on “why.” Spend time re-evaluating the “maybes” and zero time rethinking the “no” pile.


Real Estate

Your closet space is valuable. Devote that prime real estate to clothing you actually wear now, instead of clothing that is attached to memories or regrets. Store clothing you can’t part with for sentimental reasons, and move clothing that needs to be cleaned or repaired somewhere else like your entry closet.


Show You Care

Consignment can be a great way to recoup some cash for your unwanted clothing, but consider instead the changes your clothes can create for people in need. Investigate your charity well and put your items where they will do the most good. Two organizations to look into are WINS and Dress for Success, which both help women grow in our community.

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