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Decorate Your Wedding Cake with Projection Mapping

The new trend puts a high tech twist on this white cake.

Photograph from Getty Images


Projection mapping on wedding cakes may just be the next big thing. This simply means a projector reflects images on a blank white cake. The possibilities are endless. 

Daniel McNeil, owner of Hi Tech Productions in Calgary, which provides projection mapping and other technical wedding services, says some people are interested in interactive cakes because they are affordable and can be suited to a variety of themes. He adds that a software cuts around the shape of the cake so that the images are only projected onto the cake and not the surrounding areas.

“A plain, white cake is essentially like a projection screen,” he says. “We can project different things at different times on the cake and coordinate with the photographers what they want to see.” 

McNeil says projection mapping also allows for more customization while also allowing flexibility. “A lot of times instead of going for something super specific, people go with themes.” Hi Tech Production has seen themes like fires or flames and Disney-related ideas. 

“This is not to take away from cake decorators because what they do is amazing,” McNeil says. “But it’s an option if someone wanted something different.” 

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