Best Neighbourhoods 2018: Calgary Neighbourhoods with the Best Access to Parks and Pathways

Access to parks and pathways ranked as the most important characteristic of a great place to live according to Calgarians who took our 2018 Best Neighbourhoods Survey.

This article is part of the 2018 list of Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods. For the 2019 list, go here

To determine which Calgary neighbourhoods have the best access to parks and pathways, we scored neighbourhoods on proximity to regional (part of City-wide network), local (secondary route within communities) and trails (unpaved pathways recognized by the City). The great news is that 40 neighbourhoods had the highest level of pathway access with a score of 18.

For parks access we considered the size of parks, the number of smaller green spaces that the City of Calgary does not provide size data on and the parks adjacent to communities.

These neighbourhoods had the highest scores for parks access.




Score: 50


Huntington Hills

Score: 48


Beddington Heights

Score: 47




Score: 45


Cambrian Heights, Riverbend (tie)

Score: 44



Score: 42



Lake Bonavista

Score: 41



Thorncliffe, Collingwood, Scenic Acres, Lakeview, Woodbine (tie)

Score: 40

Canyon Meadows

Score: 39


McKenzie Lake

Score: 38

This story is part of Avenue Calgary’s 2018 Best Neighbourhoods project.

Methodology: Read more about how this list was determined. 


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