For a Different Kind of Summer Treat, Try Kulfi

If you have no idea what kulfi even is, we explain it for you.

Photograph by Jared Sych


Kulfi is kind of like an ice cream bar. It’s frozen, it’s creamy and it comes on a stick. But it’s different from ice cream you might have tried before, because the traditional East Indian and Pakistani dessert is really thick and really creamy. It’s the preparation process that is different — there is no whipping or aerating when making kulfi — which results in a really smooth, dense frozen treat. 

If you’ve never tried it before, start with kulfi from Shalimar Kulfi & Foods in Castleridge. It’s worth the drive out here to speak with the owners of the family-run business that makes and packages its own kulfi. (Also, the redeveloped Prairie Winds Park is down the road.) Along with kulfi in flavours like mango, pistachio and vanilla, you’ll find a few other traditional Pakistani dishes on the menu here too. This treat is a steal of a deal — they cost $2 each.  

Shalimar Kulfi & Foods, 4656 Westwinds Dr. N.E., 403-453-2415


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