Andrea Dorrans

“I obsess about fashion. I think about it more than any other thing and have for as long as I can remember."

Photography BY Jessica Pechet; Styling BY Julie Redmond; makeup BY Amber Chomezcko; hair BY Lisa Tompkins; Chair from shaun ford & Co.; rug from Chintz & Company

LEFT: Blouse by See by Chloé; plastic skirt by Rehab; Fendi handbag and Miu Miu shoes from; earrings by Bellapdesigns.

RIGHT: Gucci halter top from; BB Dakota romper from The Bamboo Ballroom; platform sandals by Michael Kors; earrings by Bellapdesigns.


No matter where she is, Andrea Dorrans embodies the fun side of fashion. 

“I obsess about fashion. I think about it more than any other thing and have for as long as I can remember. It’s a really fun thing to think about,” says Dorrans, who works as a communications lead at O2 Planning and Design, a landscape and urban design company.

A seasoned shopper of both vintage and contemporary used clothing, Dorrans’ style is boho-chic. “I definitely second-hand and vintage shop a lot,” she says. “I even use Kijiji. Sometimes I’ll just put something into Kijiji like ‘cashmere’ and see what comes up.” 

Her sense of whimsy plays into how she crafts her eye-catching ensembles. Even now, Dorrans relishes the chance to “play dress-up,” like she did as a kid. “At home I’ll have a couple glasses of wine, put on a record and try on clothes,” she says. “Just for fun.” 


What’s your current Calgary fashion obsession?

“The do-it-yourself customizing trend, like pins and patches and embroidery. And pompoms. I love pompoms. I love personalizing and being really playful. I definitely see in Calgary a lot of really creative people doing up their bombers or their jean jackets.”


What’s your dream outfit?

“I have this draw toward comfort, so I’ve never really worn a gown. At my high-school graduation, my mother made my grad dress out of a bed sheet (at my request). It was one-of-a-kind, very boho, but casual. So my dream outfit would be over the top — an ornate, magical gown. Vintage Dior.”


Where in Calgary do you go to be seen fashion-wise?

Theatre Junction. It’s quite avant-garde, a cultural hub. When they do an opening-night show there’s always a reception afterward in the mezzanine — there’s a really cool bar up there. It’s this motley crew of artists and actors and playwrights.”


This article appears in the April 2017 issue of Avenue Calgary. Subscribe here.


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Andrea Dorrans

“I obsess about fashion. I think about it more than any other thing and have for as long as I can remember."
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