Kerry Brennan

“If you have a hat, red lips and sunglasses, you can go anywhere.”

Photography BY Jessica Pechet; Styling BY Julie Redmond; makeup BY Amber Chomezcko; hair BY Lisa Tompkins; rug from Chintz & Company

RIGHT: Sandra Angelozzi suit from Femme de Carrière; Christian Louboutin shoes from Holt Renfrewjewellery from various retailers, including Hudson’s BayRubaiyatDean Davidson and Holt Renfrew.

LEFT: Alice + Olivia dress from; blazer by Laurèl; shoes by Chanel; jewellery from J.Crew, Rubaiyat, Neiman Marcus and Henri Bendel as well as heirloom pieces from Brennan’s mother.


A lifelong fashion lover and active volunteer in the philanthropic community, Kerry Brennan has seen trends come and go (and come back again) over the years. When it comes to evening wear, she sticks to sophisticated black suits, tuxedos, skirts and vests, but goes all out with eclectic accessories, especially jewellery and hats. 

“Coco Chanel said you should always take one thing off before you leave the house,” Brennan says. “As much as I love her, we don’t really agree on that. If anything, I’d add a piece.” 

Style is very much a family affair for Brennan — she picked it up from her mother and passed it on to her own grown children. Even a casual day is an opportunity to bring a little glitz and glamour into her look, and she dresses up no matter the occasion. 

“When I’m put together, I feel better about myself,” Brennan says. “If you have a hat, red lips and sunglasses, you can go anywhere.” 


What’s your current Calgary fashion obsession?

“[Local fashion designer] Paul Hardy — I’ve always loved his aesthetic and he’s a lovely man. And Rubaiyat for jewellery. They have fabulous designers and it’s displayed beautifully.”


What’s your dream outfit?

“A Tom Ford tuxedo with a pair of Yves St. Laurent strappy sandals, a Chanel necklace and a pair of Dean Davidson long drop earrings. Maybe one of the new Chanel exotic skin flap bags, too.”


Where do you go to be seen fashion-wise?

“I always attend Glenbow’s Schmancy fundraiser.”


This article appears in the April 2017 issue of Avenue Calgary. Subscribe here.


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