Dr. Diana Monea Is an Optometrist with an Eye for Fashion | Calgary’s Best Dressed 2018

Theatrical hats, coloured glasses and dramatic clothing all exemplify this optometrist’s view that fashion should be fun.

Dress by Paul Hardy (custom-created in support of the #NotInMyCity campaign against human trafficking); glasses by Gucci from Eye Health Centres; shoes by Manolo Blahnik; jewellery by Hillberg & Berk; hat by Julie Hanratty; watch by Rolex. Photograph by Colin Way.


Those who visit any of Dr. Diana Monea’s three Eye Health Centre optometry clinics in Calgary and Regina will see her personal style mantra displayed on a plaque on the wall: “Don’t try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out.”

Originally from Saskatchewan, Monea began practicing optometry in her home province in 1978 before moving with her family to Calgary in 2000. Although her profession can be fairly conservative, Monea’s look is bold and theatrical. She favours fitted gowns, dramatic head wear and, of course, colourful glasses, for nights out on the town – and on a daily basis as well. It’s a look that’s in line with Monea’s belief that we should embrace our inherent uniqueness. “I think we should live who we really are inside; not be obstructed by what someone else dictates within fashion, let it be colour, style or anything else,” she says. “Life should be fun and an expression of who you really are. I dress however I feel like dressing. For me, normal is boring.”


Clockwise from left: Dress and hat by Michelle Roberts; jewellery by Hillberg & Berk; glasses by Dolce&Gabbana from Eye Health Centres Lemon dress by Michelle Roberts; shoes by Manolo Blahnik Hat by Jag Moussa from JagHed Couture; glasses by Francis Klein from Eye Health Centres; scarf by Snowflake. Photograph by Colin Way. Styling by Kara Chomistek and Jessie Li; Makeup by Joanne Black; hair by Sue Thompson.


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