Get Cosmic Facials and Custom Perfume at this New Apothecary in Kensington

Step inside Pranic Forest for some natural healing, vibrational vortex attunement and cosmic skincare. It’s a little slice of Los Angeles right here in Calgary.

Bright and airy, the apothecary is just a few doors down from The Plaza Theatre in Kensington. Photograph by Kait Kucy.



A new apothecary is open in Kensington. Pranic Forest, specializes in organic botanical skincare, natural treatments and a variety of organic apothecary products. It’s welcoming new clients, natural healing enthusiasts and folks curious about learning more about herbal remedies.

Pranic Forest’s owner Amanda Spicer is a master herbalist, aromatherapist, intuitive energy channeler, cosmetologist and artist. Everything you find in within the apothecary is made in small batches. The apothecary storefront features products that Spicer has either created herself or curated as her favourite complimentary items. You’ll find the full Pranic Forest skincare line among French cult favourite organic toothpaste Lebon and locally-made Kin+Pod chocolates, as well as natural herbal remedies, candles and incense. Bundles of beautiful handpicked B.C. lavender are available for purchase.

Pranic Forest also offers services including facials, aromatherapy and custom perfume blending. If you’re seeking out some serious relaxation and a skin refresh, try the Cosmic Facial ($125). It uses products from the Pranic Forest skincare line including organic botanical masks, exfoliants, serums and oils. The facial also uses multi-reflexology tools, crystals and facial massage. One of the signature elements of the Cosmic Facial is experiencing the healing sounds of crystal frequencies as your practitioner uses alchemy bowls. The facial is finished off with a soothing foot massage, which is said to activate your lower chakras and ground down the new energy the facial has infused you with.

1, 1145 Kensington Cres. N.W., 587-392-1770, 

The ultimate in organic teeth whitening, the French brand Lebon toothpaste comes in a variety of natural flavours and looks great hanging out near your sink. Photograph by Kait Kucy.

The entire Pranic Forest skincare line was developed, created and packaged by owner Amanda Spicer. She even created the artwork on all of the packaging. Photograph by Kait Kucy.


Beyond the scents and potions found on the shelves, clients can also receive custom facial oil formulation, custom aromatherapy and bespoke essential oil perfume crafting. Photograph by Kait Kucy.

The Hibiscus & Maca Aura Cleansing Granules has properties to improve the look and feel of your skin. Hibiscus is nicknamed the botox plant with its strong restorative capabilities. Maca can enhance the firmness of skin resulting in younger-looking skin. Mixed with kaolin clay, Aura helps draw out impurities while calendula smooths and soothes your skin. Photograph by Kait Kucy.

Pranic Forest also stocks a variety products including ceramics from local ceramics artist, AS Ceramics and incense from The Wolf and The Hawk. Photograph by Kait Kucy.

Bright and airy, the apothecary is just a few doors down from The Plaza Theatre in Kensington. Photograph by Kait Kucy.



The studio has several treatment rooms available where the Cosmic Facials and Vibrational Vortex Attunement occurs. Photograph by Kait Kucy.

Small brands like Libertine Fragrance and Harlow also fill the shelves in Pranic Forest. Each product is a favourite of owner Amanda Spicer’s. Photograph by Kait Kucy.


Looking for a bit of natural healing at home? Take home some Pranic Forest bath salts or bath bombs to soothe your skin in the tub. Photograph by Kait Kucy.

Harvested by Spicer herself, this fragrant B.C. lavender is perfect for adding scent to your room or making handmade drawer sachets. Photograph by Kait Kucy.



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