Find Your Best Neighbourhood

Tell us how important each of the characteristics below are to you in a great neighbourhood. Rank them on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being very important and one being not important at all. The filter will show you all of the neighbourhoods in Calgary that match your personal criteria and remove any that don’t. Remember, no neighbourhood is perfect so if you choose all 10s you’ll be left with no neighbourhoods.


Has a high number of restaurants, coffee shops, bar and/or pubs

Restaurants:   -    

Has a high number of public recreation facilities

Recreation:   -    

Has strong community engagement

Community engagement:   -    

Has a high proportion of park space

Parks:   -    

Has a high proportion of pathways

Pathways:   -    

Has a high Walk Score

WalkScore:   -    

Has good access to supermarkets, grocery stores and food markets

Grocery stores:   -    


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