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A weekly serving of how to experience Calgary’s restaurants, bars and markets.

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Home & Shopping

Inspiration and ideas from our local retail, design and decor community.

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The Weekender

The best things to do in Calgary and the mountains in this time of social distancing.

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Avenue P.S.

Positive and inspiring bits of information that will make you proud to be a Calgarian.

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The Insider

Exclusive offers for timely sales, retail discounts and more from Avenue‘s parent company, RedPoint Media, and our carefully curated partners.

Avenue Showcases

Email campaigns that go out to our Insider list. Topics include:

> New Home & Condo Showcase (monthly)
> Local Beer & Distillers Showcase (yearly)
> Arts Showcase (yearly)

Curated Newsletters

Existing editorial content is curated to compliment an advertiser’s brand messaging. The advertiser gets 100% share of voice.

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