5 Ways to Refresh Your Home or Condo in 2023

Whether you’ve got plans for a one-room update or a top-to-bottom reno, interior designer Amanda Hamilton shares trends to consider and tips on what to tackle.

Out with the white and grey countertops and backsplashes, in with the textural stones. Photograph by Joel Klassen/Klassen Photography.

Invest in Art

“Finding artwork can be a process, but living or dining rooms are the first places you want to invest in. The goal is not to be matchy-matchy: People get stuck on the fact that their art must be the same throughout the house, but it doesn’t. I always say that art needs to speak the same language, but it can have its own colours and personality. You can pull from the colours in the artwork as well, so, if there’s a dusty pink or purple in your painting, it’s nice to complement that on a pillow or on the sofa.”


Upgrade Hardware, Lighting or Floors

Photograph by Joel Klassen/Klassen Photography.

“Install hardware on your cabinets that’s got a little more character to it and try mixing metals. People are playing around with copper; matte black metals are popular; and softer brushed silvers, like pewter, are on the up-and-up. Swapping out rounded surface mount lights with something more interesting and decorative is an easy way to update, too. And from an investment standpoint, hardwood floors are generally going to increase the return on your house.”


Brighten Things Up with Warm Tones

Photograph by Joel Klassen/Klassen Photography.

“There’s a big trend in moving away from grey. Grey had its time in the sun, but people are choosing warm tones. When it comes to wood, I’m still seeing lots of blonde, but warmer woods are being introduced. If you’re replacing your floors, those more-European oak colours are pretty.”


Incorporate Textural Stones

“We’re seeing less white and grey countertops, and, instead, warmer, more textural stones being used. Travertine, a beautiful stone with a ton of texture, is trending. I’m seeing more unfilled stones, too, so you’re getting the natural beauty of the material.”


Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

“The best bang for your buck is always paint. A lot of people end up with homes that are ‘builder beige,’ and painting can brighten up and modernize a house quickly. Even just getting your baseboards and doors repainted goes a long way.”

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This article appears in the January 2023 issue of Avenue Calgary.

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