11 More Great Frozen Treats For Summer

Soft serve, mochi ice cream, fried ice cream and more to get you through the rest of July.


Boogie’s Burgers


Boogie’s Burgers offers almost 30 different milkshake flavours, plus a special feature flavour that changes monthly. The flavours range from more classic ones like strawberry or root beer to more inventive ones like the Angry Aztec (with chocolate, cinnamon and cayenne) or Fat Elvis (with bacon, banana and peanut butter). Plus, they look cool – all the milkshakes except for vanilla come with a fun topping like whipped cream, graham crumbs, nuts, bacon or bananas. Milkshake prices range from $3.35 for the kids size to $6.50 for the large size.

908 Edmonton Tr. N.E., 403-230-7070, boogiesburgers.com


Cafe 16

Shave ice

Chances are you’ve heard of Hawaiian shave ice, but at Cafe 16, they offer Thai-style shave ice. That means that depending which flavour you choose, it’ll come topped with things like tapioca pearls, coconut strands, fruit, whipped cream, grass jelly, pocky, red beans and/or condensed milk drizzle. The shave ice comes in four regular flavours (matcha red bean, cookies ‘n’ cream, fruit and milk tea) and a seasonal flavour. It costs $10. Cafe 16 also has other frozen dessert options such as pineapple bun ice cream sandwiches and bubble waffles topped with ice cream.

222 16 Ave. N.E., 403-276-9668, cafe16yyc.com


Frank & Mabel’s Gourmet Hot Dogs and Frozen Treats

Soft serve Greek frozen yogurt (and a lot more)

Think of your favourite frozen treat and you’ll probably find it at Frank & Mabel’s Gourmet Hot Dogs and Frozen Treats. In addition to hot dogs, this eatery offers ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, milkshakes, hard ice cream, soft serve Greek frozen yogurt, Made by Marcus ice cream bars and their own popsicles without added sugar. The soft serve Greek frozen yogurt comes in more than 30 flavours. Some of the most popular ones? Chocolate, banana and peanut butter.

Calgary Farmers’ Market, 510 77 Ave. S.E., facebook.com


Jinya Ramen Bar

Mochi ice cream

If you love ice cream and you love mochi, head to Jinya Ramen Bar where these two treats are combined into one. Here, the mochi – sticky rice cakes made from glutinous rice – are stuffed with ice cream. There are two flavour choices: green tea or chocolate. This treat costs $4.50 for two pieces. (That’s two full mochi ice cream balls, but four pieces total since they’re served cut in half.)

180, 1800 4 St. S.W., 587-356-0721, jinya-ramenbar.com


Julio’s Barrio

Mexican fried ice cream

You probably came to Julio’s Barrio expecting to order fajitas and a bulldog, but don’t leave without ordering dessert too. The Mexican fried ice cream is a popular dessert item here. What you get is vanilla ice cream rolled in a cinnamon-y, cornflake crumb mixture that’s fried for less than one minute. It’s served with a raspberry sauce and whipping cream and it will cost you $8.

1110 Memorial Dr. N.W., 403-203-3066, juliosbarrio.com


Lukes Drug Mart

Soft serve

Lukes Drug Mart in Bridgeland started selling soft serve in June, which is a treat that hasn’t been served at this store since the 1960s. Lukes Drug Mart’s small batch soft serve is made in collaboration with Gareth Lukes and chef Eric Hendry, the chef at Bar Von Der Fels. Expect seasonal flavours on the menu made using local ingredients and milk from D Dutchmen Dairy in Sicamous, BC.

112 4 St. N.E., 403-266-4142, lukesdrugmart.com


Marv’s Classic Soda Shop

Marvello Carbonated Ice Cream

Marv Garriott, the owner of Marv’s Classic Soda Shop in Black Diamond, is the inventor of Marvello Carbonated Ice Cream. The treat, which he’s been serving at the ’50s-style eatery for around 14 years, is made with a machine that adds CO2 to an ice cream base. The resulting ice cream has a lighter texture and colour than regular ice cream. The carbonated ice cream is available in three flavours, which includes the extremely popular dragon blood (coconut and strawberry) flavour. Be sure to also try Marv’s newest treat: popsicles that are made with organic yogurt, berries and sweetened with natural honey from Chinook Honey Farm.

121 Centre Ave. W., Black Diamond, 403-933-7001, marvsclassics.ca


Old School Bus Ice Cream

Ice cream

One of Canmore’s most popular spots for a frozen treat has an unusual home. Old School Bus Ice Cream serves more than 20 flavours of hard ice cream out of a (you guessed it) yellow school bus. The bus, which has been in operation as an ice cream shop since 2005, parks on Canmore’s Main Street from May long weekend to September long weekend. The bus also serves shave ice, milkshakes and ice cream floats.

621 Main St., Canmore, facebook.com


Peters’ Drive-In


They’re really thick and really creamy. And you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to flavours too. According to Stephen Hayden, one of Peters’ Drive-In‘s current owners, there are thousands of milkshake flavours on the menu. Hayden says there are 30 milkshake flavours on the Peters’ Drive-In menu and customers can mix up to three flavours together. Hayden says that results in 4,525 potential flavour combinations.

219 16 Ave. N.E., 403-277-2747, petersdrivein.com


The Tropic Shop

Ice pops

The Tropic Shop’s handmade ice pops come in five flavours: coconut blueberry, pineapple blueberry mint, coffee chocolate chunk, strawberry mango and Nutella banana. All of them (except for the Nutella Banana flavour) are made with natural ingredients. As an extra little treat, you’ll even find whole pieces of fruit or raw chocolate frozen inside the pops. Stay tuned to find out which local food trucks and businesses will be carrying the ice pops this summer.



Tuk Tuk Thai

Toasted coconut ice cream with fried bananas

Order this treat and you’re mixing a great frozen treat with a warm one. You get one scoop of coconut ice cream and two pieces of hot, deep-fried banana which makes for a tasty, tropical treat. This costs $5.

636 17 Ave. S.W., 403-455-0999, tuktukthai.com

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