9 Calgarians’ Favourite Sushi Rolls

Classic or out-of-the-box, here are some sushi rolls your fellow Calgarians love to order

Big Catch Meteor Rain Roll

“One of my favourite rolls to eat is at Big Catch located in the Kingsland Farmers Market. It consists of crab meat, wild salmon, topped with torched seared salmon, sliced onion, mayo and spices. I love it because it has both salmon and crab, and the torched salmon gives it nice smokey flavour. No fuss, just tasty sushi.” -Anna Zhu, food blogger, Anna’s Appetite

Globefish Sushi Pizza

“I like the sushi here because it accomodates gluten-free diners so well. The sushi “pizza” is always on my table. It’s baked little rice squares with avocado, tuna and scallops that make great finger food if you’re not skilled with chopsticks.” -Kerry Bennet, owner, Care Bakery

Momo-Yama Sushi Negi Toro Roll

“Some fatty belly of tuna (which melts away when it reaches body temperature), on top of sharp green onions over slightly vinegared rice is an uncomplicated away to enjoy the best part of the tuna fish!” -Gabriel Hall, food writer.

Midori Evergreen Roll

“The restaurant is super quaint. The place is run by the owners and it’s only got 26 seats. The Evergreen roll has asparagus, avocado, cucumber and crispy tempura. The sushi is always super fresh here, and I just love it.” -Karine Moulin, pastry chef, Hotel Arts

Midori Spicy Crunch Salmon Roll

“The space here is nice and simple, while the menu offers a great selection of rolls, sushi and sashimi, and Japanese dishes. My favourite roll to order is the spicy crunch salmon roll (salmon, cucumber, tempura bits, and spicy sauce). I like the simplicity of it; it has a little spice, some crunch, and is always super fresh.” -Katy Bond, PR professional, Bond PR

Sushi Bar Zipang Ebi Tempura Roll

“The combination of flavours and textures has me ordering this time after time: cool and creamy avocado against the crunch of tempura prawns and the pops of tobiko.” -Gwendolyn Richards, food writer, Calgary Herald.

Sushi Bar Zipang Spicy Hotate Roll

I like the double burn of Zipang’s spicy hotate of scallop and tobiko with its piquant “spicy sauce.” Add a little wasabi zip and it’ll water your eyes. -John Gilchrist, food critic.

Sho Sushi Lobster Roll

“The mix of tempura prawn, grilled lobster, avocado all rolled up and topped with a garlic pepper sauce and black tobiko is a no-fail for me. The presentation here is always especially nice too. I love this spot on Macleod Trail.” -Dan Clapson, food writer, Avenue magazine.

Towa Sushi Shrimp Tempura Roll

“This one is wrapped in an egg sheet and topped with sliced jalapeno. The roll is fully cooked and doesn’t have any seaweed. I like it because I find it approachable for my family who generally refuse to eat sushi. It’s fresh, flavourful and unique.” -Ryan Massel, lifestyle blogger, immrfabulous.com

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