Calgary Stationery Designers That Will Help Add Style to Your Correspondence and Notes

Send a card that tells someone they are a sparkly gem, buy a book for your wedding vows and hang a beautifully designed manifesto on your wall.


If you love the feeling of a crisp letterpress card between your fingers or the satisfaction of opening up a brand-new notebook you’ll be pleased to know that Calgary has no shortage of talented stationery, letterpress and card designers. With more than a few independent stationery shops now open in the city it is proof that the written word is not dead and that Calgarians love to keep up with their correspondence the old-fashioned way. Here are three local designers that are creating inspiring, witty and thought-provoking products that will be sure to thrill any letter-writer, note-taker or dedicated planner.

Feast Letterpress

Designers: Jess Brousseau + Ian Martin
Price range: $7 to $65
Top seller: Sparkly Gem card; @feastletterpress



What is the design philosophy behind Feast Letterpress?

“We gravitate towards eclectic hand-drawn typography, nature-inspired illustrations and beautiful paper.”

What inspired you to design your own collection of stationary?

“When we were traveling in Tasmania, Australia we met a couple with a beautiful letterpress studio and were so inspired to learn the craft ourselves. It has grown from the love of an old process and the desire to create with hands-on techniques.”


Stevie + Bean Paperie

Designer: Stephanie Krahn
Price range: $5 to $25
Top seller: Bride + Groom Vow Journals; @stevieandbean

photograph courtesy of stevie + Bean

Wedding party coffee sleeves are just one of the wedding-related products you can get.


What is the design philosophy behind Stevie + Bean?

“Our tagline is ‘Stationery designed to inspire + amuse’. I really try and make sure everything I design and create reflects this philosophy.”

What inspired you to design your own collection of stationery?

“Stevie + Bean Paperie was born from a love for well-designed stationery. I have always been obsessed with paper goods. You can never have too many notepads, right? Designing my own line felt like a natural transition from the corporate graphic design world. And since then, seeing people’s faces when they read my cards and notepads. That’s what keeps me motivated. Long live snail mail!


Wrinkle & Crease

Designer: Kayley Stenger
Price range: $2 to $75
Top Sellers: Manifesto Print, Day Planner and Dear Friend card; @wrinkleandcrease

Photograph courtesy of wrinkle and crease

Its 2018 planner has monthly calendar, a spread for each week and space to plan holidays and goals for the year.


What is the design philosophy behind Wrinkle & Crease?

“Minimal, classic design with a hint of inspiration. I want to create cards that encourage, inspire, and have humour, but most importantly – products that help us connect more with the people in our lives.”

What inspired you to design your own collection of stationary?

“I have always loved stationery products. I have a box filled with my favourite cards that have been written to me over the years. And I’m a planner, a note-taker and an organizer so I am always buying new paper products. I found that the style of products I was looking for – minimal and classic – I couldn’t source in Canada. So, I set out to create products that I would want to use that are very simple and functional.

“For our cards, I want to create pieces that could become art. I love to see people displaying their cards or framing them. To know that someone wanted to keep a card that was meaningful to them and display it in their home, that is what I strive to create.”


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