10 Things Dan Allard Loves

The co-founder of Cold Garden Beverage Company shares his love for the Music Mile, downhill karting at WinSport and more.

Photograph by Jared Sych.

Since 2017, Cold Garden Beverage Company has been an eccentric and lively fixture at the boundary of Inglewood and Ramsay. The brewery’s co-founder Dan Allard has a passion for beer and building vibrant communities in our city. Cold Garden is the bridge that connects one to the other. During the pandemic, Cold Garden mailed out free drink vouchers to Inglewood and Ramsay residents as both a thank you and a demonstration of support — an act that perfectly sums up Allard’s outlook on community. Allard also chairs the Inglewood BIA, a role he says provides the perfect opportunity to do meaningful work throughout the area and instill pride in the neighbourhood.

Here are 10 of his favourite things in Calgary (not surprisingly, most of them have something to do with Inglewood).


Music Mile

Photograph by Michael Grondin Photography.

King Eddy, Blues Can, Ironwood, they are all amazing venues. I feel like they are doing some great marketing and developing of the scene, and it’s an inevitability that [Music Mile] becomes like Calgary’s Nashville.”


The Firepit at the Top of the Hill on St. Patrick’s Island Park

“You can go up there with a crew and a bundle of wood and have a beautiful view of the city and downtown.”


Theatre, Comedy and Festival Events

Photograph by Denise Kitagawa.

Beakerhead is like having our own Burning Man in the city and High Performance Rodeo has some of the best acts in the world.”


The Esker Foundation

“The workshops and gallery are world-class, and it is definitely one of the mailers that I always sign up for to see what’s coming next.”


Smithbilt Hats

“From Oprah to the Dalai Lama, anyone who comes to the city and gets white-hatted has it done there.”


Singlewood and Fries at Inglewood Drive-In

“[The Singlewood] is the best burger in the city. I get it every time.”


Basketball at Gopher Park

Photograph by John Holt.

“We got this tiny park built across from Cold Garden and it has been so fun to go there and play ball with friends on the single basketball net.”


Central Library

Photograph by Michael Grimm.

“When things get too busy at the brewery and I need time to work, the Central Library is amazing — not only because of all of the resources and things to learn, but architecturally it is beautiful and I love being there.”


Downhill Karting at WinSport

“It is crazy to go up there with some buddies and use this track right in our city, it’s just like Mario Kart.”


Skateboarding the River Pathways to Harvie Passage

“Going from East Village to Harvie Passage and watching people kayak is a part of the city that I feel like people don’t really know yet.”

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This article appears in the September 2021 issue of Avenue Calgary.

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