This New Line of Valentine’s Day Cards Celebrates the Diversity of Love

Sold at London Drugs in support of United Way, the Cards For All line represents LGBTQ+ people, a variety of languages and love outside of monogamy.

These Canadian-designed Valentine's Day cards represent different kinds of people and love. Photograph courtesy of London Drugs.

Not everyone feels the love for the frenzy of consumerism that is Valentine’s Day, and it’s not always because they don’t want to participate in it. When it comes to Valentine’s Day cards — perhaps the quintessential February 14th tradition — representation for LGBTQ+ individuals still lags, few languages are represented on greeting-card shelves and romantic, monogamous love is almost always the core tenet on display. That is, until now.

London Drugs has commissioned Cards For All, a line of 31 Valentine’s Day cards drawn by Canadian illustrators that celebrates a far wider spectrum of identities and types of love. Queer, trans, polyamorous, asexual and a wide of berth of other folks are represented in the drawings and text here. Some languages used for the line include Chinese, Farsi, Punjabi, Tagalog and Braille.

Created by Canadians — including Calgarian James MacKenzie, whose design aimed at introverts is below — the cards are available now for $5 each at 20 London Drugs locations in Western Canada, including Brentwood Village Mall and Mount Royal Village in Calgary. As well, all proceeds support regional chapters of United Way. Take a look at a few of the cards below.


Photograph courtesy of London Drugs

This card by Calgary’s James Mackenzie celebrates the love of two introverts being alone together.


Photograph courtesy of London Drugs

Karla Monterrosa’s design celebrates a special love between two women.


Photograph courtesy of London Drugs

Izzy Gibsons’ card celebrates a couples’ shared bond in bisexuality.


Photograph courtesy of London Drugs

This card by Mustaali Raj is in Punjabi and roughly translates to “The one who stole my heart.”

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