Staff Picks: Local Products We Love

From natural deodorant to compostable dog bags, here are some local products we’re loving right now.

DTouch Bath & Body. Photograph by Kate Rhodes Photography.


Sun Rose Down Bath Salt Mix by DTouch Bath & Body

If there was ever a time for an indulgent, long, hot soak in the tub, it’s probably now. My go-to bathtime enhancer is this picture-perfect product from indie wellness company DTouch Bath & Body. It’s made of Turkish sea salt, pure Himalayan pink salt, damask rose oil and more right here in the city. It works in the tub or in a smaller vessel to soak just hands or feet. It can also be combined with Epsom salts. — Colin Gallant, associate editor


Compostable Dog Bags by Schoep

Responsible dog owners know that picking up your dog’s droppings is no fun task, but disposing of them in a less-than-eco-friendly bag makes it all the worse. Luckily, Calgary-based company Schoep makes compostable dog bags out of 100 per cent biodegradable materials that, according to its website, are also “safe for municipal green cart programs that accept pet waste.”

Not only are the bags made in Canada, but the cherry on top is that each box (which contains 60 bags divided into four rolls) includes a wallet-sized card that lists common types of dog stool and what conditions or causes could be afoot. Ten of these cards can be redeemed for a free box of Schoep’s bags and the bags are available at select local retailers or online. These have been one of my essential items ever since my 50-lb puppy and I moved to a high-rise with no fenced yard, and would make an excellent gift to all the new puppy parents who’ve welcome a fur baby home during the pandemic. —Tsering Asha, editorial assistant, Made in Alberta Awards & Top 40 Under 40


Routine Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant isn’t all that new — but finding one that works is. Calgary-based Routine has formulated a deodorant that is free from harmful chemicals and doesn’t fill the landfills with plastic. And it does what it says it will — namely, make you not stinky. At first, you may balk at applying a cream deodorant that you spread on with your fingers. It can take a bit of getting used to. But when you think about the fact that it means you are touching the deodorant with your clean fingers instead of your probably not as clean armpits, it’s clear that will decrease the amount of bacteria in a product that is most likely sitting in your fairly warm and often humid bathroom. (Routine deodorant is also now available in a stick format that comes in a cardboard tube.)

Routine deodorant is available in a variety of scents all with charming and not corporate sounding names like “Maggie’s Citrus Farm” (my own favourite), and several song-title inspired options such as “Blackberry Betty,” “Lucy in the Sky” and “Bonita Applebom.” There are also formulations without beeswax and without baking soda.

Test out a variety of scents with a mini kit (four minis for $18) or if you’re ready to commit, 58 grams of the cream is $28 in a refillable glass jar. Several stockists in Calgary do refills including The Apothecary in Inglewood, Sunnyside Natural Market and Amaranth in Arbour Lake. — Käthe Lemon, editor-in-chief

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