Summer Skin Care and a Post-Stampede Facial

Is there a better way to relax and feel great about yourself than getting an education on skincare while receiving a massage, foot treatments and a facial in a great atmosphere?

Skoah is a one of a kind place: half spa and half retail store with an emphasis on educating clients on skincare. It focuses only on “skin care, skin products and making people feel good,” says Vanessa Thomassen, a “Skin Kare Trainer” at Skoah, a Vancouver-based skin care company.

A skin trainer’s tips for healthy skin

According to Thomassen one of the leading causes of aging skin is dryness.

“Everyone in Calgary is so dehydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day,” says Thomassen, who also suggests eating lots of veggies and using a great moisturizer, toner and cleanser.

Two steps your beauty regime you may be missing are toning and exfoliating skin.

Toners are used between cleansing and moisturizing to replenish good nutrients or minerals in the skin that may have been taken off while cleansing, says Thomassen.

Exfoliating is the key to smooth, moisturized and glowing skin. The beads, sugars or salts in an exfoliator remove dead skin, bumps and imperfections.

Removing the build up of dead skin helps your glow and allows your moisturizer to absorb and work better.

The Skoah experience

Skoah is a discrete, understated skincare experience. There are no robes, no whale music and no waterfalls.

A very small staff work one-on-one with patients to create completely custom facials. The “Skin Kare Trainer” will spend a good five to ten minutes talking to you about your skin, including potential problems, concerns or worries, and the products you’re currently using. Upon close inspection of your skin with a very bright light, your trainer will give you a damage report on your face.

You’re then left alone to snuggle into a heated bed under the covers while the trainer chooses close to a dozen different products to use throughout your facial.

A large portion of the facial is dedicated to communicating to the client what products are being used and why.

The Stampede recovery facial

If you’re looking for a great place to start, Skoah is currently offering a Stampede Recovery Facial for $60. It includes a refreshing cold-foot treatment and a scalp and chest massage.

The facial is all about refreshing, recovering and rejuvenating your skin after being in the heat and the sun, and probably drinking one too many at Stampede. The facial is customized for your skin.

The Stampede Recovery Facial is available until July 21st.


Every product used on your face or body can be purchased in the store, allowing you to recreate Skoah treatments in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost.

If you have sensitive, dry skin or rosacea the “Kalm Down Mask” might be used. If you have a problem with dark circles under the eye, you might want to try “Eye Kandy.” Both of these products are some of Thomassen’s favorites. She uses Eye Kandy on her face almost every day to remove dark circles.

Most products are 95% natural and retail for approximately $50.

For more information on Skoah treatments, products and prices go to or call 403-264-0203 for the Kensington location.

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