Stay Warm and Spend Less on Heating Costs This Winter

Cold-proof your home with Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Home Energy Plan.

Your home can hold some very costly secrets. Sneaky leaks and dodgy drafts lead to inefficient energy use and can force you to pay more than you need for heat, water and electricity, especially during the winter months.

Usually the first step to solving a problem is knowing you have one. Many homeowners don’t, or they deprioritize it. Why replace your furnace or hot water heater if it’s not broken, right? Enter Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Home Energy Plan, a program designed to help Albertans identify where the best energy savings opportunities are in their home and find out how to take advantage of greater rebates on upgrades.


The Home Energy Plan program

The program offers a truly holistic approach, starting with a detailed home energy evaluation, which is like a check-up for your home. Next, the diagnostics are reviewed and translated into a customized report by your Energy Advisor (a certified energy efficiency expert) that provides guidance on the best course of treatment for your home. To help offset the cost of upgrades, the program provides the best rebates on a wide range of energy efficient products such as furnaces, insulation, windows and more. Plus, if you complete three or more upgrades, you’ll get a $1,000 bonus rebate.

Steven Ottoni, director of residential programs at Energy Efficiency Alberta, helped create the Home Energy Plan program and knows first-hand the positive impact it can have for residential consumers. “We’re offering incentives on a wide range of cost-saving common upgrades as well as custom or DIY projects,” Ottoni says. “This program really allows customers to unlock significant value, expanding access to a greater number of products and solutions as well as higher rebate amounts.”



You’ll get the best in residential energy efficiency incentives, including:

• Higher rebate amounts (only available in this program).

• A $300 instant rebate toward your Home Energy Evaluation.

• A $1,000 bonus rebate when you complete three or more upgrades to your home.

• More rebate options: Home Energy Plan includes all the great products found in the Home Improvement Rebates program and more, including furnaces, boilers, window glazing/inserts and skylights.


Getting started

Complete your EnerGuide™ Home Energy Evaluation by choosing an Energy Advisor near you. A $300 instant rebate for the energy evaluation will be applied directly to your invoice. Your Energy Advisor will work with you to determine what energy efficient upgrades would work best for your home. Next, you’ll be sent login information for our customer portal,, where you can view your customized home report with the best savings and eligible upgrades. Once your recommended upgrades are complete, you (or your registered contractor) can apply for the rebates.

Energy Efficiency Alberta is making it easier for Albertans to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient while saving money. Learn more at

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