3 Mountain Activities To Try This Summer

Looking for something new to try this summer? In addition to the usual hiking, camping and climbing, give these three activities a try.

Photograph by Lyle Grisedale

Wild Foraging

The risk is all in making sure you eat the right mushrooms. Wild foraging through bear country and mountain terrain has gained popularity. Have your hike and eat it too. Check out northernbushcraft.com to see what you can and should actually eat.


White Mountain Adventures out of Canmore offers heli-hiking adventures. A helicopter drops you off in remote areas to hike over open meadows and ridges with a guide and picks you up again after a half or full day.

Wing Suits

You know those crazy squirrel suits in which people zoom down the face of the mountain? Well, you too can learn wing suiting out at Innisfail Airport with the folks at Skydive Big Sky. But be warned: you need to have at least 200 jumps under your belt before they will put you in a wing suit. They also host wing-suiting competitions that are open to spectators.

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